September Monthly Horoscope: Libra

Libra September 2018


Now that you can see things clearly you can see you have more choices that you can be in control of. You will see that you have options to choose from. That should make you feel better then you have for a while. Speak out of the pains that you keep in your skeleton closet if you want to heal them. When you reveal your secrets, you will feel much better afterwards. Choose wisely when you choose someone to share them with. If you are afraid of those secrets being known to everyone then write them on a piece of paper, burn them to ashes, and set them free in moving water where they can hurt you no more. Even though home life can be challenging, it is your attitude in dealing that will affect your health. Accept what you can't change and change what you can.


Material possessions you have been gaining, and taking care of what you have is important to you. Unexpected presents from others make you even happier so why not go out and have a good time. Do not mourn for what you do not have or for what has been lost in the past. Things are just things; it is the people that bring value into our lives. We often hear of those who experience extreme loss due to natural disasters and they all say it can be replaced but lives can't. There are things that money cannot buy, so watch what you place the most value upon. If you have more than you can use, then why not consider sharing with those who do not have? Whether it be used for a tax write-off or you give to someone personally the feeling will be worth the loss of the possession.


Be careful not to place your value on relationships that have hurt you in the past or continue to hurt and haunt you now. Value yourself and the unique person that you are—love  yourself and care not who does not. No matter what it is, there is not one thing that everyone will agree upon, so knowing this makes it easier to realize there will always be people who do not like you for one reason or another and that is just their opinion. Wasting your time and wondering why they do not like you when you are a good person is time wasted. Loving yourself is the most important thing that you can do for yourself and for others who are in a relationship with you. It will be their loss, not yours. Stop giving your good energy to negative people and you will feel much better and be happy in the process.

Overall outcome

Meeting new people and making new friends will be easy when you honor the good in yourself. By the end of the month you will be ready to go and have fun and be creative in your approach. What is it that you have been wanting to do? Don't be afraid to go alone if no one wants to join you. Someone might be there waiting to meet you. If you are in a partnership with someone who does not enjoy your company, then question why you are there. You have so much to offer other people so don't waste your time with those who do not value you. If it's not working for you, cut your losses of a karmic relationship. Then remember what you do not want and what does not make you happy—and your next relationship will be happier.