September Monthly Horoscope: Virgo

Virgo September 2018


Mind over matter in all things will help to heal the soul that hurts. Talking about those childhood pains that you have stuffed away in your skeleton closet will help to release the demons that have followed you all your life. Being good to yourself is the main priority to living a healthy life. If you have allowed others to treat you in a less-than-desirable way, can you blame them if you allowed them? This month will give you that push that is needed to straighten things out in your life. Working on your mental and emotional health will help to heal your physical being. Even if it is hard to communicate the pains that you hide so well, the relief that you will feel when you communicate with others will be worth the effort. Try not to overindulge in substances that you know are bad for you. Whether it is food, alcohol, drugs, shopping, gambling, or anything that you over do, be aware that it does negatively affect you.


It is time to start putting yourself first. Focus on you and what is in your best needs. The self-doubt that you might feel at the beginning of the month will disappear by the end of the month. That is when the confidence in your worth is finally validated by yourself. If you have made it this far always critical with yourself, imagine what you could do or be if you turned that negative energy into a positive manifestation. So, don't be surprised that your financial outlook is looking better because you are finally presenting that worth to others—and doesn't it feel good? Heal those old wounds that you still carry dealing with and connected to another person’s money. Do not connect your self-worth with past mistakes. You cannot drive forward looking in the rear-view mirror. Enjoy the beautiful drive forward with a new view and the surroundings of luxury. Remember: wealth is not always monetary.


You are ready to be happy—or should we say past ready to be happy. When is the last time that you laughed from your belly? It is time to laugh at yourself for being so serious all the time. Stop looking at your flaws and start looking at the good things about yourself. If you can only find one thing focus only on that and the rest will follow through. It has been said to keep your eye on the prize. The question is: is that prize worth the price? We must question our struggle in getting what we want or think that we need. What is your idea of fun? Start communicating to others your idea of fun and find someone to join you. If you must go to some place by yourself do not be afraid; you never know who is there waiting to meet you. If you hold your head high and keep your eyes straight ahead, it might be interesting to see who you lock eyes with. The blinders are off right now so if you are not happy because your gut is telling you that you are not happy, then maybe it is time to investigate another direction.

Overall outcome

Do you want to be happy or right? It is up to you if you want to be happy or stomp your feet because you know you are right, but it doesn't make anyone happy with that fact. Just because you might be right, does it make a difference if you push how right you are or just accept that fact and forgive others for not being perfect? Learn to pick your battles wisely; otherwise you might end up grumbling the rest of your life. Some things are just not worth fighting for. Consider the feeling when you are happy—isn’t it half the battle? It's finally over when you give up that right to be right all the time. It is much better to live by example then to beat your brow trying to persuade someone how to live their life. Allow them to clean out their own skeleton closet. We cannot do it for them. We might see the skeleton, but we do not know the story behind it. Be happy we only need to worry about our own.