September Monthly Horoscope: Gemini

Gemini September 2018


Hopefully you have learned to balance that work and pleasure. Just don't overdo either one. Talking about things that bother you will help to bring insight into the problem. Not dealing with the problem can compound any health issues that you might be dealing with. Even if you do not want to go to a doctor that does not mean that you cannot look up online problems that you might be having. You might find there are natural cures that could be of benefit to you. The alternative healing methods can help to soothe your soul. Have you been wanting to get a massage? Find a masseuse that uses natural essential oils. Just make sure that you know what you could be allergic to before they apply them. Oils in a diffuser can also help to elevate your mood. Research on the Internet or in essential oil books to see what could benefit you, then try it out.


Are you planning on buying new things for your home? Could you be considering a move from where you are now? If you have not sat down and looked at your finances, then how will you know if you spend too much on a good time? Counting on financing from others might not get your needs met. Have you been asking yourself if you are in the right career for you? If you are not happy at work and dream of doing something different then don't stop yourself from trying something new. We only fail when we quit trying and if you have not even tried then why are you stopping yourself from being happy at work? The money that you make in a job that you do not like is not worth the ill effects upon your health. Working for or with negative people is not worth the drain on your psyche.


Home is where the heart is; are you considering traveling back home? Are you trying to make your home a happy one? Finding that balance between your home and your career will help to make a happy home. Focusing on work and not understanding the impact at home will not make anyone happy. So speak to your partner as to any conflict there might be in your career. If you cannot find a compromise that might mean one or the other will change. It's not like you don't have other job opportunities available to you. If you are still not finding a balance, maybe you need to learn a new trade? If we do not limit the possibilities, if we consider the opportunities that are available, we will be happier in the long run.

Overall outcome

September looks to be a good month full of new changes and new beginnings. If you have those who do not agree with what you are doing, the end of the month will be a good time to call it quits with them and with those who hold you back in any form or fashion from being true to yourself. In relationships you need a long leash and if your partner is not trusting of you, question if they have reason to be jealous or if it is their own insecurities that they need to deal with. If they have reason not to trust you then question if you should be in a relationship with them. If it is a karmic relationship, then pain will most likely accompany it. Would you rather be happy or right? The decision is yours. If you are with the wrong partner, the right one will pass you by. If you keep making the same mistakes, then you need to look at yourself to see where the problem might lie.