September Monthly Horoscope: Aries

Aries September 2018


There is nothing better than loving yourself for good health so look for a new routine. Talk to others to see what they do for good health. If you still haven't cleaned those skeletons out of the closet, you might want to address that issue if you do want to get healthy. Good to yourself is as important as being good to others. Remember what it is said about resentments as swallowing poison and waiting for someone else to die. Do unto others as you wish others to do unto you. No one is perfect so do not hold yourself or others to perfect standards—that way you will not be disappointed or hold grudges.


Unexpected finances are still a possibility as well as money coming from others, whether it is from inheritance, lottery ticket, or a risk that you took that looks to pay off. Could it be that you finally get the nerve to speak up at your job for a pay raise? Or are you making an effort to get the job that you have been wanting but did not feel confident enough to even try? We only fail when we quit trying, so do not allow others to limit your potential. The challenges and lessons regarding your career will be with you for a while so why not make the best of it?


It is up to you how you want to feel. Do you want to be happy? is the question you need to ask and answer for yourself. You can't expect others to give you the love that you withhold from yourself. It will be a never-ending void waiting for someone else to make you happy when your happiness is in your own hands. Communication in relationships are the most important thing to work on. Say what you mean, just do not say it mean—the truth must come out one way or another and withholding it will only prolong the agony.

Overall outcome

Depending on your point of view or your attitude, September looks to be a good month. So, do not get in your way of having a good time. There are lots of potential new beginnings for you so don't limit yourself to possibilities. Have fun with your friends but don't always expect them to foot the bill. When you do for others you will also learn that service is good for the soul. That goes for those who need things more than you do, not for those friends that you are reassessing who assume that you will always take care of their needs. Helping someone because they need help is different from helping those who are always there to take from you. Willingly helping others because we want to is not the same as doing it to gain a friend because they have some value that we want. So, watch for the self-serving—whether it is on your part or the part of others it will do no one any good. Share the happiness and happiness will be multiplied.