Energy Healing Session: Karmic Aspects in Recovery

Welcome to Healing Journeys—a corner of where you can read about our team's real experiences with different holistic healing modalities. Trying a new type of healing can be overwhelming and you might first want to hear about someone's experience before taking the plunge. Healing Journeys will cover many different types of healing.

This particular subsection or series of Healing Journeys will be an exploration of energy healing with Basmati's Ursula Squire. Each week, I'll write about my newest experiences with energy healing. This blog will be quite candid, and often include documentation of my thoughts around a particular session. My goal is to share what I have learned and make available information for different healing modalities that you may be curious about or interested in trying.

The sessions I am doing for energy healing are working with two of the most incredible healers I've ever come across: Roger Schwartz, founder of Recover Your Heart, and Marji McDowall.

Full disclosure: I've never tried energy healing before, and I'm excited by holistic healing modalities. As a person who has anxious and OCD tendencies, but who doesn't feel that Western medicine is the right fit, I've decided to embark on this amazing journey, and I'd like to share with all of you!

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Session: GRACE Integrity: Karmic Ailments 3.6.18

When people hear karma, oftentimes they think about concepts of someone ‘getting what they deserve.’ But karma is a much deeper notion that aims to balance out the energy of your life. If you feel your energy is being pulled in a particular way, that may be a sign that the energy needs to be balanced out. Well, I’m ready to balance!


I’ve talked a little on this blog about my issues with codependency, particularly manifesting through the seeking of external factors (for me, mainly people) for a sense of security. Over the last several months I’ve been able to make progress in healing this pattern within myself more quickly than I would have anticipated. But alas, there is still more work to be done. Lately, I’ve found myself wedged into a situation where I have been forced to confront my own boundaries or definitions of codependency. Specifically, this has come in the form of this question for me: where is the line between reasonable expectation of nurturing and support and codependency, in a given relationship? In other words, how can I distinguish between feeling like I need more in a relationship and recognizing it’s the codependence talking? Of course we all have a want, even need, to have nurturing relationships. But, we’re all always trying to balance the needs of ourselves and the needs of others – including by those you’re expecting the nurturing from. As I put this question out into the universe, I can begin to “feel” my way through the answers. Articulating a question/problem/issue really can do wonders for starting the healing journey. When reflecting on what karmic patterns I felt compelled to energetically rework during this session, this question felt natural. If this question came to mind, then tonight is another night to work on codependency.


Upon further reflection, it seems the situations that I find myself feeling codependent (or at risk of falling back into codependent patterns) can be reframed to strengthen other characteristics. In this case, for me, the two main facets feel like patience and compassion. Surrendering to the bigger picture through practicing these states of being can reorient my experience and heal my codependent proclivities.


The instructions for this session explained that, “Reconciliation does not require a complicated energy work technique. The main resonances for healing karmic aspects are the inner alignment to acceptance, forgiveness, humbleness, self-love, and the willingness to letting go.”


The session instructions also talk about Self-Love (and how the lack of this can lead to various addictive patterns – be they relationships, substances, or other addictive patterns).


So today, and each day forward, I promise myself that I will make more of an effort to integrate these five key aspects. And bonus: sticking to this promise is just another way that I can show up for myself!