Healing Journeys: Energy Healing Session - Session #6 (Karmic Ailments)

Welcome to Healing Journeys - a corner of Basmati.com where you can read about our team's real experiences with different holistic healing modalities. Trying a new type of healing can be overwhelming and you might first want to hear about someone's experience before taking the plunge. Healing Journeys will cover many different types of healing.

This particular subsection or series of Healing Journeys will be an exploration of energy healing with Basmati's Ursula Squire. Each week, I'll write about my newest experiences with energy healing. This blog will be quite candid, and often include documentation of my thoughts around a particular session. My goal is to share what I have learned and make available information for different healing modalities that you may be curious about or interested in trying.

The sessions I am doing for energy healing are working with two of the most incredible healers I've ever come across - Roger Schwartz, founder of Recover Your Heart, and Marji McDowall.

Full disclosure: I've never tried energy healing before, and I'm excited by holistic healing modalities. As a person who has anxious and OCD tendencies, but who doesn't feel that Western medicine is the right fit, I've decided to embark on this amazing journey, and I'd like to share with all of you!

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GRACE Integrity: Karmic Ailments

It’s a new month, and another new beginning!  This month is going to be notoriously energy-rich (what with a full moon and two eclipses), so it’s nice to start the month off with some extra meditation and mindfulness on where I’ve been and how far I’ve come.

This week’s session was another focus on Karmic aspects. Last time this was the theme, I talked about how anxiety and cancer were both karmic patterns i had ‘inherited’ in some form or another (namely through the diagnosis of many loved ones of cancer and from experiencing anxiety both via my loved ones and on a personal level). When I saw the topic come around again, I knew I had more work to do (don’t we always? Life is constantly changing – therefore, so must we).

This week I decided to look at judgement: how I have inherited it existentially – through upbringings, human nature, and society’s prescriptions. I once heard Deepak Chopra say (paraphrased) that judgment comes from the ego’s need to isolate itself as a protective shield. We judge people to create a separation between ‘us’ and ‘them’ or ‘me’ and ‘you’. This is an inherently flawed cycle because we are really here to celebrate the oneness of the universe and all of its inhabitants. To me, that’s a lot of what energy healing does – strips away the egoic layers we’ve spent so long building up that all – directly or subtly – construct these ‘us’ vs. them or ‘me’ vs. ‘you’ mentalities.

Sitting with myself in and of itself isn’t always easy. I’ve meditated every single day for three years, and it isn’t even necessarily easier. Sometimes it’s harder. Sometimes, I just have to sit there while my mind races, and tune in with my body. It’s all about the body and mind connection. Calm your body and your mind will follow. Calm your mind and your body will follow.

As a person with anxiety, this mind-body anxiety is something that has been at the forefront of my struggles. How do I know what is ‘intuition’ and what is ‘anxiety’? How do I know the difference between a gut feeling and a knot in my stomach? How do I know what is anticipating something in the future, and what is a ride on the anxiety thought train?  I don’t have the answers to these questions. But I think I will soon. Maybe not always, and maybe not consistently, and maybe not overnight. But I’m learning how to do this. I’m learning how to do this through the chipping away of those constructs like upbringing, human nature, and societal prescriptions that my ego has spent so long carefully building. And this is ultimately what happens through energy healing.

Deepak Chopra says that the ego stands for “Edging God Out (E.G.O)”. Whatever you want to call “God”—the Divine, Source, Spirit, Love – it doesn’t matter. All of these things (and your connection to them) suffer when you’re catering to your egoic walls.

So, I encourage you to take some time this week to really reflect on what egoic walls you have ‘inherited’ – be they internal, external, or reflective.

This process takes time. Patience is definitely something to settle into – it will help you with your relationship with yourself, your relationship with the universe, and your understanding of/trust in the timing of your life.

With the deconstruction of these egoic walls comes room for new things to manifest into my surroundings. This week, I choose patience.

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