Essential Oils For Consciousness: Orange And Abundance

Have you ever stood in the middle of an orange orchard and breathed in the sweet, heady fragrance of oranges ripe for the picking? It is truly one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had. It could be nothing less than the scent of abundance filling the air, reminding my cells that they are not limited to what I put into my mouth, but that every part of my being can, at any time, access the Supreme Source of All that Is.

When you hear the word "abundance" what do you think of? 

Money? Wealth? Riches? Freedom

Living and growing up around extreme commercialism, it is easy to equate abundance with money and material wealth, but surely it does not end there. In fact, the more expansive our vision becomes, the more we realize that money and tangible wealth are but very small portions of the vastness of riches which are our divine birthright as human beings. For the Cosmos is unlimited and consciousness is without borders and when we truly tap into the blessings that are ours for the “picking” we begin to realize that wealth comes in so many different forms.

Looking at your life right now, assess where you are the most abundant. What do you have so much of that is easy, fluid, and a source of great wealth? It might show up as friendships, connections, opportunity, as artistic capacity, freedom in time, mental understanding, spiritual gifts or so many other things.

Essential oils are incredible tools for expanding consciousness, for they immediately cross the blood-brain barrier and help us access regions of understanding and higher mental fields than we did before their use. Orange, and variations of the orange scent like Tangerine, push out our auric fields so as to help us better tune into and feel the natural flow of abundance that is always there and is always ours.

Abundance doesn’t really have to “flow” actually, for it always IS -- in fact, it is all that exists in the vastness of a Cosmos that contains all. We, however, can block ourselves from accessing Cosmic abundance through mental beliefs, emotional trappings or feelings of unworthiness. Orange essential oil, uplifts, relaxes, and helps us to playfully peel away the veilings that obstruct our contact with what is naturally ours, in the same way that running through a blossoming orange orchard will bring out the child in us and invoke playful wanderings of joy and magic.

Seriousness plagues this reality where so many are caught up in the “have-to’s” of responsibility that seem to make one mature and acceptable, or at the very least, able to function and thrive in today’s world. But does it have to be as such? Playfulness is underrated, left to children -- and not even as much as it used to be. Schools are beginning earlier and earlier and the expectation to keep up with logic’s reason and social conditioning is encroaching more and more on our right to play and enjoy.

Sweet Orange is the scent of childhood, of magic of freedom. It is the fragrance that reminds us of the days when life was simple and full of wonder. If we were lucky, as a child, we had no thoughts of money or lack, all things would have been given freely and the feeling of limitation was small.

I can remember running freely in the fields, picking strawberries, chasing frogs and laughing into the evening dusk with my group of friends. I remember my secret tree where I spent hours alone with the birds and the bugs and the small houses I built for faeries and caterpillars in the shade of the big pines. I worried not for food, for it was always provided, and the gardens were ever fruiting, storage houses full of bottled plums and cherries. Friendships were a plenty and laughter was our best medicine. To me, this is the Supreme Source of Abundance to which Sweet Orange connects us. It is the child’s tonic that grants access into the kingdom of riches known by those who are the most abundant of all -- the children.

By breathing in the delicious scent of Orange essential oil, wounds of lack begin to heal and the child-self, whether allowed the magical freedom I described above or not, is released into our consciousness to wander anew and explore the wonders of the innocent where all is provided by life. Sweet Orange is a passageway into Alice’s Wonderland and into Never Never Land where animals speak and food magically appears. When working with Orange oil there is a re-training of our subconscious to remember the world as we glimpsed in our youth, to revive it in our minds and to reconnect the cords of our consciousness so it is endlessly accessible.

Orange essential oil is pertinent to both the first and second chakras, for it grounds us in a higher reality of abundant living and grants joyful satisfaction in the reality of our choosing. By inhaling Orange or applying it to wrists or feet you may begin to experience a decompressing of all ideas and concepts around money, life may beg you to reconsider what is important and in alignment with your deepest truths. If you do not know these things now, Orange may give you a gentle nudge in the direction of your dreams.

Orange oil is not a cure-all, nor will it necessarily magically resolve your current “money-problems” or pay your rent. It may not give you instant wealth-consciousness or cause you to forget your worries on a dime.  But it will lighten your perspective and allow you to see life in ways you perhaps haven’t for a while. It will soften your heart and stimulate new connections and understandings in your being so you can see where abundance is showing up now for you -- and even encourage those places to flourish as you heed their call.

By tuning into Orange essential oil, your consciousness can be lifted to the place where the Supreme Source of Abundance is remembered and where you can, once again, find space in your heart and life for its presence. As the scent of Orange trees fruiting, ripe for the picking, so too is abundance ever waiting your permission to show up in your life and on your table -- sweet and refreshing as a summer afternoon, sticky and playful as childhood. Abundance is always ours, who will choose to know it well?