The One Shift To Transform The World

Tired of the violence and disrespect? Over all the drama and unnecessary conflict? Ready to see humanity grow up and begin to take responsibility for its sacred relationship to the rest of the web of life? Want world peace NOW?

Then please, halt your horses, and go within to become that which you seek. As Gandhi said, "Be the Change." It's the only way.

Because the madness in the world is a madness of humans, to bring change onto this world is to bring change to the human—oneself. It's so easy to point our fingers out into the world and identify all the places that seem to be lacking in light. For many of us, it is becoming clearer by the day that to achieve a world of harmony requires a shift in consciousness from the egoic delusion of separateness, and into one of conscious collaboration and compassionate communication.


Turn Within

The first step into seeing the world of our dreams, however, is always to turn within ourselves to find where we can embody that which we feel is missing from the world around. There is infinite positive change that is in humanity’s potential to implement, and it always starts and ends in ourselves. Instead of staying in a state of victimhood and using the world as an excuse to feel hopeless, we can choose to see disharmonious reflections playing out externally as mere reflections for us to find where we hold resistance to these qualities within ourselves and learn to do the work there. As we embrace this empowered perspective, we become the change.

“If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself. If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself. Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation.” -Lao Tzu

At a certain point, complaining about the immaturity in the world without putting in the effort to negate the cause of human inconsistency by cultivating kindness, peace, and love in one's own being becomes nearly irrelevant—hypocritical, even. There is nothing inherently wrong with this behavior, as the knowledge of the absolute power in the individual's being has been long withheld from humanity, because its realization foretells of the collapse of all controlling systems. But if one decides s/he truly cares about this world becoming lighter, it's time to get real and become that light.


Loving Acceptance Is Key

The profound thing about "negating" the darkness within oneself is that it does not happen by judging the darkness or fighting it. This only creates more upheaval and more pronounced darkness. The only way to allow the darker aspects of ourselves to see the light is through honest self-reflection, inspired commitment to this path of transformation, and loving acceptance.

As you accept and love yourself, you create more space in yourself to accept and love the world. In doing so, we create the revolution the world has been looking outside itself for.

The time has come for mankind’s mental prisons to be dissolved by consciousness into our truest state of being—one of radiant peace and love. The process there requires we go through our depths, by shedding the light of our consciousness onto the parts within us that act from an illusory sense of separateness. As we dissolve our internal battles by this process of healing, the parts within us seemingly turned against one another come back to find the wholeness and love they have been seeking in the being that never left them. In merging the parts within us felt as separate that generated our experience as feeling separate from our greater global self, the realization of our inner-unification extends out onto the whole world, influencing the collective far beyond anything we can cognitively intuit. When we know inner harmony, the world knows our harmony, and has the chance to sense this state of resonant connectivity as interdependent to its own being. It is therefore simply in our state of being wherein our true power lies. 


From A Place Of Peace

From this place of empowered peace, every breath, thought, word, and action ripples into infinity to herald the new way of being this world’s been waiting for—promising that finally, it is here, awaiting within. 

So before you go out demanding the world to transform, take a moment to find the peace you wish the world to know within your own being, and embrace this process of global transformation that always starts from the inside. Although it's the challenge of a lifetime, it heralds the rewards of a lifetime—not only for oneself, but for the planet, as the single most powerful evolutionary force. Through you, humanity is liberated. Your enlightenment shines onto all.