Healing Journeys: Energy Healing Session #1

Welcome to Healing Journeys - a corner of Basmati.com where you can read about our team's real experiences with different holistic healing modalities. Trying a new type of healing can be overwhelming and you might first want to hear about someone's experience before taking the plunge. Healing Journeys will cover many different types of healing.

This particular subsection or series of Healing Journeys will be an exploration of energy healing with Basmati's Ursula Squire. Each week, I'll write about my newest experiences with energy healing. This blog will be quite candid, and often include documentation of my thoughts around a particular session. My goal is to share what I have learned and make available information for different healing modalities that you may be curious about or interested in trying.

The sessions I am doing for energy healing are working with two of the most incredible healers I've ever come across - Roger Schwartz, founder of Recover Your Heart, and Marji McDowall.

Full disclosure: I've never tried energy healing before, and I'm excited by holistic healing modalities. As a person who has anxious and OCD tendencies, but who doesn't feel that Western medicine is the right fit, I've decided to embark on this amazing journey, and I'd like to share with all of you!

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May 9, 2017

I thought the overall process was profound, though I will say I noticed more of a difference within the following week of the session. I had a lot of resistance in the beginning, based on my own fears of the unknown, and a discomfort of confronting shadow aspects of myself – though none that were particularly identified. I am a person with anxious tendencies, so that really shone through during the first part of the session for me. But during the session and particularly afterwards, I was able to notice a sort of clearing. I’m still developing the language through which to communicate these new experiences, so I do have higher hopes for this blog as time goes on, but here’s what I experienced – in novice terms.

Physically, during the session I felt a release of tension from my shoulders, which is where I personally hold a lot of stress. I also noticed a decrease in the tension in my chest/heartspace that had been there since about 15 minutes before the session. This is an area that I do experience physical symptoms of anxiety sometimes.

After the session, I coughed up a lot of phlegm.

Energetically I experienced an overall sense of calm (and still am). The instructions to “connect with my heartspace” ended up being more profound than I anticipated. I felt that a lot of my focus during the session repeatedly drifted toward the notion of self love, which was harder to grasp or revel in the notions of love for others in the world that I wanted to send healing to.

My first session was on a Tuesday, and the following weekend was really rough for me: I had some issues in my family life that were sad, frustrating, and would normally ignite my almost constant quest for control. Instead, however, my reaction surprised even me. I was sad, but I allowed myself to be sad. Normally in situations like these I would divert to an anxiety about being sad, and focus more on stuffing emotions down or the anxiety of my feelings and the situation would overshadow the actual feelings of sadness. Instead, I cried. And it felt good – it was cleansing and I felt a connection with myself, a sort of allowance that I hadn’t given myself in what seemed like a long time. I know that this is directly attributable to the clearing work. I know I’ve only just begun, but I can see a measurable difference. I’m super excited to continue this healing journey.

I’ve mentioned this to the healers already, but I am not normally a person who would necessarily expose myself in this raw way. I think the reason I have decided to do so is twofold: one, because the universe has paved the way for all of us to come together and share this space, and two because both of them (Hi Roger! Hi Marji!) have been so encouraging, accessible, kind, and open during the process which has made me feel safe. So thank you for that.

Interesting things to note: I feel like going through this process and hearing the energy healers speak about energy healing is almost like learning a new language. Not only in terms of understanding energy in a new way but the way that they talk about challenges, problems, or even just observations of self. I am an editor, so I have proclivity toward words and communication, but this is like a whole new world has opened up to me – a world with an underlying thread of acceptance and love. I’m really looking forward to exploring it. I feel energized, curious, and passionate about this project and I’m so excited that things have aligned in this way that I can explore it with amazing, knowledgeable guides!

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