Exploring Movement As The Primal Key To Well-Being

We are moving beings. As animals in space and time, this is our nature. It is through literally moving into ourselves that we have evolved our way out from once being bacteria and into becoming the humans that we are today. Our bodies have grown to prove to be miraculously adaptive and capable - as a general species and especially in the modernized western world - despite our culturally confined upbringings. Upbringings in which we have been subconsciously structured to move, or perhaps not move, in ways that suppress the lively potential of our bodies to live out their inherent fullness and vitality. It is for this reason that I see that so many of us have lost touch with our selves, seeking and relying on external means to achieve wellness.

Our bodies, however, being the primary expression of our being on earth, are automatically programmed on all levels to know how to take care of themselves. Even without thought, on the micro level we are quite internally self-sufficient. There is no separation between the body and mind, between the subconscious and conscious processes we partake in, and so even on the more macro levels. This inherent ability to take care of ourselves is in our nature to actively live out. But, we are over stimulated with messages and circumstances that encourage us to spend our time and effort tending to agendas that dismiss the importance of simply tuning into our bodies. We have restricted the wisdom and energy of our physical forms that are fundamental to self-healing tendencies. We have restricted our intentions to come through our consciousness to be expressed fluidly in our day-to-day activities. With our minds often being "else where", we think elsewhere is where we must search to find overall good-feelings. But indeed our answer is right here, right inside.

This is why people do yoga- to put aside time in their day and intentionally come back to, and conscientiously work with, their. Our body is a vehicle for consciousness, and in order for the energy that is us to flow through the body, to express itself to its greatest potential in time, the space must be cleared: the muscles stretched and activated, the cells stimulated and woken up. We must invite our bodies to come alive and know that we, as them, are here and open to working with them, so that our body no longer has to feel it must fight us for our health, but rather that together we are in this as one.

Many of us overtime have regressed towards misaligned posture, increased states of immobility, and all around decreased energetic and joyful expression in winding up into a mundane world experience revolving around thought, work, electronics and consumerism. Modern society encourages us to leave the sense of play behind in our childhood, where our every move was once an embodied reality. But with our bodies being the channel through which our mind is lived, evolution calls for us as individuals to not only entertain and attain on the mental and material levels, but to physically stimulate and expand as well, so that we may truly become more agile, free and thriving beings.

The benefits of getting into the habit of moving is to enable within oneself a connection to constant progression in comfort and livelihood, so that one’s interactions with the world can be lived out with the utmost vitality, pleasure and presence. It is for these overall benefits in mood and health that working out has become more and more popular. Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of movement practices such as yoga is the act of allowing the mind to quiet down. To become fully immersed in one’s place of presence here on earth - your body. There is so much deep, delicious wisdom to be received, explored, and surrendered to. This place within doesn't use words, but instead uses movement in order to speak. The greatest thing you can do to connect with a state of being who's every action is self-healing and nourishing is to allow that inner impulse of your primal, yet incredibly intelligent nature to be lived through your body. Allow the mind to be a clear channel for your inner essence to express itself freely. In this way, you will find that deep inside, your core is always seeking to come alive- to stretch and expand itself further, to become stronger and more flexible and adventurous. You don't need force, equipment, or even a special yoga class in order to let this become an embodied reality. Instead, you need only the intention and willingness to let movement be your guide towards wellness and greater quality of being to be lived here and now.