Alzheimer’s & Dementia: A Shaman's Perspective

Here we are in the 21st century with more illness and disease than ever before.  There are endless prescriptions for an endless amount of disorders.

I want to simplify this complexity so we don’t get lost in masking the symptoms but we take the journey to the root where real healing and miracles happen. This is the way of the first doctor: the Shaman.

We Are Frequency

Every single one of us is made up of frequency. Our bodies when broken down are 99.99% empty space that is held together by vibrating frequency.  The expression of this frequency is dependent on what our thoughts tell us and block us from receiving. The true healer is the energy of SOURCE. Healing happens when we allow ourselves to open to receive this energy fully. As a healer, trust me, this is not an easy task to ask someone.  If it were that easy our society would be in much better health. When we compartmentalize an experience, then we are shutting off a connection to this SOURCE. This, my friends, is the root of the idea I want to introduce you to.

What Is Dementia & Alzheimer’s?

Alzheimer’s is the most common form of dementia. Alzheimer’s is considered a disease as it affects the physical brain and dementia is considered a syndrome with no definitive diagnosis. The main symptoms of Alzheimer’s include:

  • loss of memory
  • loss of performance of daily activities
  • loss of communication abilities
  • There is currently no cure for Alzheimer’s and no known cause—though we do know it is most common after age 60 and it is progressive.

Early Childhood Trauma

When children have an experience that is traumatic, the Spirit leaves the body as a way of coping with the intensity of the energetic impact of the trauma. When the Spirit leaves the body, there is a dilution of power.

The word power can be interchanged with the word energy. We need all of our personal power to be claimed to reside in perfect health. This is known as sovereignty. If the trauma is strong enough the brain will compartmentalize the experience. The memory of the experience will not interface with the individual’s every day experience on a conscious level anymore but will be stored in the subconscious. It is as if the experience is put into a box and stored in the attic. The design is such that when the individual matures to a level of being able to handle the information, the box is retrieved and the contents are sorted and the energy is reclaimed. It is the reintegration of this box (locked energy) that restores our personal frequency to the frequency of SOURCE, which is our health.

The Shaman’s Perspective

When the individual has not gone back to the attic to reclaim the box then the box sits there and becomes a stronger impulse, but on the subconscious level. It begins to confuse the brain of what reality actually is since it created an alternative reality throughout its life in an attempt to self-preserve. However, as the brain ages, it no longer has the vitality to hold this compartmentalized experience and it begins to break down. This is all very much on the subconscious level since that box has not been brought to conscious awareness. The compartmentalization creates ripple effects in the perspective of reality and the ego subconsciously will not let the human break down with this truth so it attempts to hold on. Memory fails, cognitive ability fails, reality fails, and the person is left confused and without this great connection to their power because it is locked in a box in the attic.

This box does not stand-alone; it creates a chain reaction of other experiences that are not in complete alignment and truth. Therefore, the person with Alzheimer’s, which has not been brought on by a physical impact, will be living with many other untruths they have created in their lifetime that feels like a discord to the soul.

The soul wants freedom. All of our life experiences support our freedom. Though without proper interpretation, this can go unseen and completely misinterpreted—hence, the amount of counselors, prescriptions, diagnoses, etc.

Our modern society is built on many untruths. The symptoms are being masked and these losses of power are being named diseases, which does not offer the opportunity to reclaim personal power but gives more of the personal power away to the idea that people are helpless with a disease. This reclaiming of power is the world of the Shaman. The Shaman has the gift to travel into the root of these early childhood traumas and repair the frequency of distortion back into its connection to SOURCE.

Again, it is the reestablishment of this connection to SOURCE that offers the miracle of healing.

What You Can Do

If someone you love is struggling with Alzheimer’s, maybe it is appropriate just to hold space, love them, let them know they are safe. It really is up to the individual to choose healing or not. This is not up to us to impose on them. If you yourself are struggling, then seek help to look for this box in your attic and unpack it. Set yourself up with loving support so you can experience the necessary healing, which is not always pretty. Let go of your judgments around that. Go for the healing. Always! You are so loved and supported.