3 Stages of Self-Healing

As simple as this sounds, letting go of pain is not always easy! There can be hidden aspects of pain that provide our ego with a pay-off, making it quite difficult to see our pain gone. In self-healing, the questioning of our ego’s investment in the symptom of our suffering is a vital modality and can often provide a pivotal shift in our healing process. After all, the purpose of increasing our vibratory energy frequency through connecting with our heart and the Divine Field within is to become able to shift our view from the content to the context – in short, away from the symptom towards the overall quality of our energy and with it its ability to optimally flow, self-heal and express itself in changed patterns.

Here are most common factors that keep us from Self-Healing:

A recent Remote Prayer Healing Session beautifully showed the 3 ways in which we can have trouble connecting with our inner selves. Once these three characteristics are addressed, we can begin the healing process. 

1. Externalization

2. Control and Fear of Letting Go

3. Reconnecting with our Heart & Inner Guidance

Continue reading for a more in-depth discussion on how to connect with yourself on a deeper level and heal through the three stages:

1. Externalizing our Inner Healing Powers

Forgiveness, the introduced healing resonance in this session, is a very good example for the hidden resistance that can be uncovered in this process. If we regard forgiveness as a ‘giving-ness’ we can get stuck in either the specialness of the ‘giver’ or the unworthiness of the ‘receiver’. Both ways include an externalized view of forgiving.

Externalization means giving up our internal higher power perceiving our needs or truth to an external power. We all do this to a certain degree, because we were programmed to do so: money, success, looks, obeying rules, trying to fit in, seeking approval, being loved. However, what we don’t see is that by giving up our innate power to discern what’s true for us, we also give up our power to forgive or to heal. The reason why we do this is that our ego, which is responsible for our primary survival mechanisms, learned at some point that we can seemingly increase our chances of emotional, mental, physical or even spiritual survival. The means of giving away our self-healing powers often manifests in for us unconscious ways of trying to control the outcome through emotional manipulation, mental superiority, spiritual rigidity or even victimhood. All have in common that they project onto others rather than being truly felt from within. So, on a deeper level of ego satiation this programming provides us with the illusion of being in control...

It’s important to realize our power begins within. Our body is the storehouse of emotions, thoughts and inner sentiments – in fact all our energies, generated from within or absorbed from outside. If the majority of our inner energies point outside of us, the internal processing becomes dependent and vulnerable to the outside. We follow what we were told, what the rules dictate, what science suggests, what others think of us and other external programs that make us feel safe. However, what we often overlook in our personal energetic history is that the underlying feeling/energy stored were helplessness and fear, which are both contractive in their nature. Contractive energies tend to down-spiral and ultimately manifest pathological patterns. So, from an energetic point of view, externalization of inner powers through programming can be a major contributor to disease, suffering, and disorders.

2. Trying to Control Too Much

To fully understand this control mechanism on yet another level is by looking at our resistance to change. If feeling safe is one of our hidden pay-offs, change is not a welcome development. In fact, no matter how unhealthy an existing pattern may be, it unconsciously feels so familiar to us that our ego may prefer to stay where it is, often sabotaging our conscious efforts to heal and worst of all, without us being aware of it – that is if our ego is running the show.

To identify and transcend inner control as an ego trait that is responsible for pain can be tricky. It hides in many different shades of control and can be very difficult to admit to. Many of us first think of controlling others at first and dismiss the possibility of this trait because we don’t feel like we are controlling others; in fact we often feel controlled instead. Another aspect of control is self-control. Controlling and suppressing emotions can become a major cause for physical illness or chronic disorders. Without learning how to properly express our feelings healing can be difficult, as the stored energy is often accompanied by hidden resentments and negativity towards self or others. Hidden negativity then results in coveted forms of control, such as shadow, emotional manipulation, projection or pulling others in. Our ego-mind may make us believe we do this out of love, but deep down it’s the pay-off for us to feel safe or not having to take responsibility. After reading this try to feel out if you can identify hidden sabotage mechanisms. If you are truly honest with yourself you may be able to link them back to perceived pay-offs!

3. Not being Connected or Knowing our Inner Signaling

Self-healing can only occur through connecting with our heart and our True Self’s energetic link to the Divine Field within. Access to these enormous inner healing powers cannot be forced through our mind or ego, and not through our emotionality either! The only way to let go of (ego) control and externalization is through surrendering to our heart, the gateway to our inner divinity. If the heart is not involved, blocked or so far gone that we can’t feel our true needs anymore, the best healing we can achieve is a temporary relief of pain/symptoms or in some cases of disconnect a flaring up of symptoms.

The purpose behind a healing crisis or other crises, like severe accidents or a fatal diagnosis, is often to bring more clarity to our awareness by showing us signs, inner guidance and synchronicities. It allows us to make the connection between perceived pains (content) and deeper inner processes (context). If we can allow it, it can teach us inner reconnecting through self-nurturing and self-love, letting go of control through surrender, and show us the healing power of change through giving up our illusionary pay-off.

Inner signaling and healing crises can be valuable True Self Interventions, as they often mark the beginning of our True Self breaking through the layers of programming and ego mechanisms blocking our heart-connection. Be it in the form of extreme or subtle experiences it often is exactly what we need to shift and initiate healing!

Remember... We Can't Heal What We Can't Feel

One way energy work can help us with this is by learning how to become more aware of our energies and with it how to handle dissonant inner (and sometimes outer) aspects. Through this, we can increase our ability to detect them before they can latch on and to counteract them as they arise and hopefully before they can trigger our lower energetic states.

The only prerequisite is our purity of our intention!

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