Solfeggio Frequencies: An Introduction

Perhaps you have heard of the Solfeggio scale of frequencies. Perhaps they are still fairly new to you.  I was first introduced to this concept by a musician friend of mine who had learned of this ancient six-tone scale through a friend. Old world music such as the Gregorian Chants, Mozart and other early composers, as well as early mathematicians and philosophers like Pythagoras and Socrates, were keen to the Solfeggio scale and its mysteries. This article is meant to be an introduction into the Solfeggio Frequencies and why we need them in our lives for health, well-being and connection with the Divine.

Prior to the current western musical scale and system, there was a six-tone scale which appears to have originated during the time of John the Baptist and the Christian Jesus. It was used by early Christian Monks as the scale sung in order to help bridge the gap between humanity and God. Literally, the way it affects the human body is to allow remembrance and connection to Divinity within. Its scale was: UT, RE, MI, FA, SOL, LA. And that's it. When I first heard of this, I was puzzled. “What about the DO RE MI up to TI?” I asked...remembering The Sound of Music and Julia Andrews teaching the children to sing. Something was wrong. How could this ancient system be known but unused today?

The more I have studied of this scale, the more uncomfortable I get when I realize that the way modern tuning has been adjusted has also adjusted our personal harmonics and ability to communicate with each other and the Divine into a less possible experience. That's right. Our current tuning is off. And it isn't an accident that it is. It was done on purpose.

Some say tuning shifted during the time of Hitler, that he consciously participated in influencing a change in the musical scale frequencies because he knew the power of a people who were “tuned into” the correct frequencies. And guess what – he's right. Solfeggio frequencies are in alignment with the way the cosmos is constructed; they are in alignment with the human body and allow a person to easily transcend grief, heal, and connect with higher powers. When this scale is not used, the altered musical scale actually inhibits these things and makes a person feel “boxed in,” creating struggles that feel like lack and that manifest in the body as disease. What?!

Another “theory” is that the Catholic church, after having used the Solfeggio scale for so long through Gregorian Chants, with the intention of bringing people into “Divine Remembrance with God” suddenly hid the scale and replaced it with one which made the congregation more “controllable.” In this case or the case of Hitler, both stink of conspiracy, and yet, where else do we look? The effects of using this scale are so remarkable, and the reverse so startling, what is a person to conclude?

More and more people are complaining, as the energies accelerate, that they just can't shake these feelings – like they are trapped. I have clients all the time who are doing everything in their power to “do the work” and evolve their consciousness, but they just can't shake the feeling of lack, the experience of lack – or the battle with dis-ease that constantly arises as things really speed up. I can't help but think it is the music we are all listening to. It is designed to manipulate and suppress. It is designed not to let us evolve. It makes me angry.

The frequencies in the Solfeggio scale have been studied and tested. They start at 396 hz – which has been shown to turn grief into joy – just by listening to it. This frequency alone is useful in liberating both guilt and feelings of fear. Our current musical scale DOES NOT contain this frequency.

The next frequency in the Solfeggio scale is 417 hz – it is needed in order to facilitate change and “make things happen,” so to speak. Definitely needed if we want to “Be the Change,” if you know what I mean?!

Again, this frequency is not playable on any instrument with normal tuning. I wonder why?

Following the frequency of Change comes 528 hz. This has been popularized as the frequency with which DNA can be repaired. It is also the number of miracles and transformation. When I stumbled upon a book about 528 I was awe-stricken to realize that the entire cosmos is basically built around this frequency. There is way more to it than I can explain in this short essay, but if you have the impetus, check out the book: The Book of 528: The Prosperity Key of Love by Dr. Len Horowitz. His website: has some amazing information about this scale as well as music stations which play converted music – all using the Solfeggio scale.

Moving up the ladder, the 4th tone on the Solfeggio scale is 639 hz. This is an important one – it is the frequency at which one may connect with their spiritual family, find community and move into the capacity of divine relationship.

After the 639 is 741 hz frequency which is the tone of problem solving, clarity, expression and cleanliness. This is a culmination of the lower frequencies which are working progressively toward the final tone in the scale which is 852 hz – thought to be the frequency of Spiritual Order. 

It is not too far-fetched to believe that these frequencies were used in the original creation of all things. Some say these are the 6 tones that make up the 6 days of the creation story. Such is the potency of the use of the original scale of music. This is a higher order made manifest, one that is now largely hidden from humanity.

All I know is that when I hear music played in this scale, the music feels different: it feels smoother, more healing, with greater depth and clarity. There is something about it that sounds like home, that sounds right. There is a reason why music by Mozart and Beethoven and Bach are classified as “genius” music. They contain this scale and the vibrations and frequencies actually needed to access the genius, conscious self. These tones are food for consciousness and remind us who we truly are and they direct us in our path of evolution. Regular music – even if you play it yourself – if it is NOT tuned to the Solfeggio scale – is NOT the same.

I love music. Who doesn't? Music moves me, it makes the world turn...and actually, it literally does. There is a cosmic tone, a song that moves everything, and it is connected to the Solfeggio scale. If you are like me, you will not be able to shake this awareness. You will find a way to dive in deeper and learn more. Music IS a key...and I believe a bigger one than we think. It could very well be the ONLY thing holding us all back. This is why I feel it so important to learn about the Solfeggio Scale and incorporate it into your world. Solfeggio frequencies heal and prevent disease; they inspire and remove fear. Isn't it time you stepped completely out of the box?