Essential Oils For Consciousness: Relaxing Into Presence With Chamomile

So many find themselves experiencing anxiety these days as the world seems to “fall apart” and leave one wondering what is real and what is transient. As we are all collectively and individually waking up we are at the same time faced with what our personal and global world looks like beyond the craze of the perceived now. Chamomile essential oil is medicine, a balm which helps one to relax into presence and reap the bounty of what the moment is trying to offer, which right now may be more than what physically meets the eye.

As the nervous system ramps up in order to take in more and more cosmic energy, we are being asked to nourish the body more and more. The kundalini of all humanity is waking up, drawing us into a more collectively awake state. In order to handle this sort of upgrade into reality, we must take measures to support our nervous system as much as we can. Chamomile essential oil is food for the nervous system, allowing it to relax and take in more cosmic energy with ease and flow. By simply adding a few drops of chamomile to a bath and soaking with the intention to integrate, we are doctoring the symptoms of awakening in a very real, soothing way.

Detox with Chamomile

Chamomile has long been revered as an oil which supports the detoxification of the old, allowing the new vibrations to take hold in the body in a way that allows our highest expression to take form. It is even beneficial against the very physical manifestation of parasites and worms in the body, helping the body to dispel their influence and presence, bringing us back into a pure state of health and vibrancy. By the same token, the oil, when thoughtfully and intentionally applied, can help us to rid our lives of the parasitic influences of those around us who are not fully claiming their role in divine incarnation and expression. The vampiric energy of others who are not in their full soul can become a real obstacle for evolution if we don’t take heed of their influence on us.

By choosing to align with chamomile oil we are asking reality to jive with us and our conscious intention for evolution and expansion by offering us the relaxed space to simply feel into the now moment presenting and get real with ourselves. What are we creating? Is what we are manifesting—in terms of people and circumstances—in alignment with the best life we can create? Or are we allowing the ups and downs of those around us to dictate the life we are experiencing?

Anger & Depression

Both anger and depression are greatly relieved by the application of chamomile essential oil in our physical reality. Its soothing vibration assists the body in morphing into a state of calm acceptance, no matter what is going on in the world or our most intimate situations. It can assist in pressing the triggers needed to move through our core blocks and emotions so as to find an equilibrium perhaps felt to be out of reach.

Digestive Health

The more empathic and psychically sensitive you are, the more you may find yourself experiencing digestive difficulty. Chamomile essential oil helps to calm the digestive system in order to support the most integrated expression. At this time of greatly enhanced earth energies and universal waves of consciousness and cosmic kundalini hitting the planet, chamomile helps the body to endure and to even shine while taking in all the leveling up we are being offered. I’d have to say that it is a “lightworkers” best friend right now. The best thing we can do for the All, when sitting in a conscious state of “knowing” and wisdom, is to hold relaxed space for our earth brothers and sisters, in empathy knowing of the awakening they are now experiencing at an increased rate.

The Heart & Chamomile

Heart health is also emphasized with the use of chamomile essential oil. In the traditional, physical sense this can be a support to all things of a 3D nature associated with the actual organ of the heart. But on a higher level, heart support means that chamomile essential oil can assist us in moving through the heavy emotions of the heart. We know when this is the case for us. Perhaps it is in an outdated relationship experience that we know needs forgiveness and transmutation. Perhaps it is in the realm of surrendering to a higher relationship expression manifesting. Chamomile helps to process the heart emotions and relieve us into the space where we can meet the present moment heart “feels” head on—in the here and now.

Chamomile for Children

Children are the most sensitive of our species right now dealing with all the changes in energies and the influx of consciousness. Using chamomile essential oil, even diffused into the air for pranic support, can assist the younger generations in coping effectively and calmly with the changes happening in their family units and in the world at large.

We have a phenomenal gift available to us with the use of chamomile. Take a whiff early in the morning and throughout the day as you feel challenged by the changes occurring. Let chamomile support you in transformation through helping you relax into the shift.