Essential Oils For Consciousness: Spikenard For Ascending With Gratitude

An attitude of gratitude is essential for succeeding in life and the everyday stuff that sometimes can get you down—especially in these ever-changing times when it could be easy to look out into the world and feel negative or like nothing is going the way you’d like it to. Spikenard is the essential oil gifted us in order to inspire health, deeper awareness, and gratitude, and bless us to aspire into the state where we can actually be grateful no matter what is occurring around us—and beyond that, to even see the sacredness of it.

In ancient times Spikenard was costly and buried with royalty as well as highly treasured by all. This could have only been due to the myriad ways the oil could be used—in terms of physical and emotional support, but also as a substance which helped one to attain clearer, more attuned states of consciousness—for when the body is in peak conditions and the scent (which equals vibration/frequency) is just right, consciousness also peaks.

Spikenard as “Frequency Support”

In the reality we currently wade through, we are often faced with challenges and belief structures which seem to counter the very state we aspire to be in. Sometimes this has the effect of dragging us down or causing us to live in the frequency projected at us rather than holding the one we prefer. Spikenard is frequency support. Its name literally means “light” in Hebrew. It encapsulates one in a field of positive, life-giving intent and helps to inspire the attitude of gratitude which is essential in order to “flip things” from the negative to the positive again.

Ascension is a process that requires continuous attention placed to the steps moving one “ahead.” Just like climbing a staircase, as soon as the ascent stops, you simply remain on the step you last aspired to…or you allow yourself to be lured back down the steps to familiar landscapes since, for all intents and purposes, the “higher stairs” are invisible until we step on them.  And though it is true that once you begin the awakening process, there is truly no going back into ignorance again, that does not mean the path is always easily navigated in the direction we are aspiring towards.

Spikenard essential oil invokes gratitude for each and every step along the way, even if it seems or is experienced as a descent. Thankfulness equates to surrender, which allows for an elevated perspective and then ascent again. Often we give little credit to the “down” times wherein we feel less progress is being made—whether it be in health, relationship, work advances, states of awareness, or personal work. However, the times which seem to be the slowest with the “least” amount going on are actually the times we are both integrating the previous cycle as well as being prepared for the next initiation of our consciousness. It is such a precious time.

Other Uses for Spikenard Essential Oil

Spikenard and the use of this beautiful and potent oil can help us to bring a sense of the sacred into the everyday activities we engage in. It allows us to elevate our physical health, our emotional attunement, and our spiritual connectedness to a place where it is easier to find gratitude within. This is the beauty I see in working with this oil. It invokes the witnessing eye while at the same time blessing the body temple as a priest or priestess would do to their sacred altar space.

In ancient Egyptian times, Spikenard would have been used in both spiritual as well as medicinal applications. For ritual and ceremony Spikenard was queen of the aromatics as it has the potency of invoking a clear state of consciousness and clarity. Its Greek translation means “purity” and so it is the one who is anointed with Spikenard who is initiated into a state of the remembrance of purity.

Spikenard is also extremely potent as a healing aid as it has been shown to decrease the size of tumors and is both antiseptic as well as anti-inflammatory. It is a potent antioxidant as well as female support oil, helping to regulate the menstrual cycle as well as keep the kidneys functioning properly.

As a Consciousness support oil Spikenard is excellent, challenging the less mature nose to enter into the field of its giving. When one is hesitant to work with Spikenard due to its very strong nose, it would be wise to question if you are also hesitant to walk into health and into the arms of the sacredness of all of life—for that is the land from whence Spikenard comes. For that is the offering of working with Spikenard essential oil.

During the most challenging of times it is beautiful to realize that the earth has given us gifts which were specifically created to assist us on every level. By choosing to attune with Spikenard essential oil I have great confidence that you will know a deeper sense of gratitude for what you have been given as well as find clarity in mind and body in order to move through any challenges you may face there. Spikenard offers us all an opportunity to embrace every facet of life as sacred, as that which is worthy of the anointing. By placing a few drops of Spikenard essential oil over the third eye and on the wrists, neck, and navel, we have the chance to raise our frequency and begin to know life from a new vantage point and to hopefully release all that would have kept us from our joy in the past.

Ascend through this journey of life with gratitude as you allow Spikenard to support your journey of consciousness.