Healing With Petrified Wood: Deep Transformation

Do you ever feel like nothing ever changes? That you are repeating similar life events over and over again? Doomed in a cycle of the same energy manifesting in different forms? This is what it feels like when we are stuck in a need-to-heal loop. It is like time ceases to move forward and we are tasked with the job of figuring out the riddle before we can move along to the next level. Working with petrified wood assists this process by offering a rooted, grounded sensation which allows one to clearly see the patterns laid out before you, so as to choose the best possible outcome for release.

How is Petrified Wood Created?

It is said that it takes one hundred years for a decomposed tree to become petrified wood. That is ten decades of literally “doing nothing” but releasing attachment to the old pattern of life—for a tree. Imagine how that process must imprint the stone with the patient awareness it then gifts us when we work with it. Though it seems to actually freeze—itself—through the process of petrification, for us, its energies do the exact opposite. Petrified wood helps to release us from our stuckness and make progress towards a new life.

This stone is a perfect metaphor for “doing the inner work” as the wood has actually turned an organic substance into a crystalline structure. It turns itself into quartz. I believe we are all going through a similar process, as we die to the old ways of being and allow ourselves to crystalize our awarenesses, crystalize our wisdoms and become more of a talisman of truth than a human being walking around making mistakes. By choosing to resonate with petrified wood, we are aligning ourselves with the process of crystallizing our wisdom into something tangible.

Chakra Connection

Petrified wood is extremely grounding and stimulates the lower chakra points to activate to a higher degree, which results in a greater sense of one’s embodiment, a deeper connection to the earth, and therefore, more access to the organic development of being alive. Petrified wood is a tree which has fossilized. It is a life which has been preserved and which continues to gift its wisdom, long after its need for roots and sunshine. Imagine yourself in fossilized form—still able to emanate all that you have learned—through your very vibration—but without the need to care for yourself. Petrified wood is a truly remarkable gift of nature.

Due to the very grounding energy of this stone, it has the ability to stabilize even the mental field of the body, lending itself to greater clarity and access to goal planning. If you aren’t sure what to do next, petrified wood can help to unearth the stuckness and give a burst of new energy for launching ideas, projects, and inspirations. It is concentrated tree wisdom. Imagine sitting under a tree, receiving its calming waves of energy and support for hundreds of years without moving. This is what hanging out with petrified wood offers one.

Physical Ailments Helped By Petrified Wood

Fossilized wood has been found to be extremely healing to DNA, even repairing damages found at this fine level. The spine and skeletal system is greatly supported and even strengthened by working with petrified wood, as the stone itself resonates with the densest aspects of our being. It is helpful in pain relief, especially pains associated with bones and joints. It literally assists in “unfreezing” joints which feel immobile, so that greater movement is restored, pain-free.

Petrified wood has the blessed gift of nourishing the body clear down to the bone marrow and helps to combat any conditions which might tear down or deteriorate the integrity of bone marrow or any bone.  Because of its ability to clear mental fog and strengthen literal bodily support mechanisms, petrified wood has been found beneficial for alleviating symptoms of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Petrified Wood and Spiritual Effects

This stone comes from a live tree which has become, itself, an ancient relic. Because of this, petrified wood helps us to connect with the ancestors and to communicate or glean wisdom from past lives or from those who have gone before us. Fossilized wood helps to imbue us with a certain respect for that which has passed, and allows us to access the deep wisdom of the ages.

Transformation is key in producing this stone. Holding a piece of petrified wood instills one with a sense of courage, with the sense that making the changes necessary or pending can be done—with grace and beauty, even. Petrified wood supports transformation and brings with it the wisdom to allow time to move you from one scenario to another.

So no matter what stage of life you are currently existing in, petrified wood can help to unfreeze those areas which feel they have been unwilling to move, making room for stellar growth and transformation to happen—on any level of your being.

How to Work with Petrified Wood

My favorite way to work with petrified wood is to create an altar using a slab or piece of fossilized wood, and then placing items on and around it which represent the kind of change I am interested in. I like to place this type of altar in my self-wisdom corner of the house or room (which is the front left side of any room from the entry point). You can also place a piece of petrified wood directly on an area of the body that is ailing you, or meditate with a piece in order to connect with ancestors or receive inspiration.

Anytime you sit with petrified wood, tune into the process coded in the stone. Become aware that an entire life-cycle is richly remembered by the relic and ask it to help you to align with your most authentic, creative life. You will be amazed what inspiration may come, and how your life may suddenly “unfreeze” where you had previously experienced stuckness.