Healing Journeys: August Astrology Reading

I was lucky enough to be able to get my August monthly reading by the amazing astrologer Andrea Bryant!

And wow, does August have a lot in store for me! Eclipses usually carry a lot of energy, and so do full & new moons. Well, dear readers, this month we have all four happening. But, as Andrea points out, instead of looking at this as an obstacle, there’s growth in looking at challenges as opportunities for spiritual advancement. Further, the light being blocked from the sun is an opportunity to reflect.

Some themes that will be prominent for me this month:

  • Increased emotional sensitivity and intuition
  • Spiritual maturity and expansion of spiritual understanding (as well as release of dogmas)
  • How this spiritual expansion will help in nurturing others
  • Self-care
  • Lunar eclipse: authentic empowerment (and how this can be used to follow my dharma)
  • A transformation in what I desire (material to spiritual)

We also talked about the heavy influence of goddesses in my chart. These include:





This plays into notions of justice, spiritual purification, and energetic awakening.

Another interesting thing we talked about is the importance of being part of a community that is also energetically sensitive to foster a sense of community and belonging.

Andrea also talked about how the universal alignment influences my dharmic path is to create the foundation of a life of art, beauty, etc.

It’s always amazing to me how aligned an astrological reading from Andrea is on not only a general/personality level, but in the day to day aspects of my life as well. I’ve downsized enormously this past year (Taurus’ material transformation), developed new relationships, let go of old ones (and realized the importance of these transformations as growth rather than as a setback).

I feel so fortunate to be able to work with a healer as in tune as Andrea. Check out full reading here!

Thank you all for coming on this healing journey with me!

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