Living Off The Grid: Nature's Playground

Living life off the grid can keep you busy with so much that has to be done, but there’s far more to the whole experience than just working. I personally love the life in the woods and think it’s amazing. But more often than not I talk about the work aspects within the walls of this series.  Today, I want to talk about the ways in which living off grid is fun, and can help connect you with nature.

Nature’s Playground is amazing and full of life. Her playground spans across all the land and through the many bodies of water on this Earth. There’s just something about the forest that brings the inner child in me out. Swimming in the waters, climbing the old trees, and playing in the dirt are all just the beginning of it. I find there’s so much fun to be had with Mother Nature, it may be a little different than the things I was doing as a child but either way, it’s uplifting and fun.


  • Yoga: Practicing yoga in the woods has helped me immensely with specific poses that pertain to the forest and woodland. Poses such as Tadasana/Samasthiti - The Mountain Pose, Vrksasana - Tree Pose, Vajrasana, The Rock Pose, as well as The Surya & Chandra Namaskar - The Sun & Moon Salutations. I feel as though it helps heighten my awareness and understanding of the poses and becoming one with nature.
  • Meditation: To sit in the middle of the flowing creek while meditating about inner emotions brings about a feeling that is close to indescribable. The connection to the elements, nature and the Self seems to be stronger when out in nature. You don’t need any music playing from a device when you can be in the middle of Nature’s jam session full of animal and element songs.
  • Cleansing: During the warmer months I spend a lot of time at the creeks around the area. Water is cleansing in many ways but I like to give back and provide cleansing for the water by clearing out the side springs that lead into the creeks. The waterways are often blocked by rocks that make their way along the springs during the rainy seasons. Sometimes the rocks build up and dam the spring. I take the time to free up the waters and clean up the forest floors, helping certain flowers and plants spring up.
  • Playing in the Dirt: Also known as gardening to most adults. I find gardening to be rather relaxing and interesting all at the same time. The feel of the fresh soil, the smell of earth, and the added elements of nature surrounding me make it all worth the while, not to mention the lovely edibles at harvest time.
  • Swimming: One of my favorite things to do in the summer and even in the late spring is to go visit the swimming holes, creeks, and rivers for a swim. It’s healthy, fun, and can be relaxing all at the same time. Not only is there swimming, but the canoe and boat trips are awesome too!
  • Making Art: I think it’s amazing to be able to go for a walk through the woods, all the while gathering supplies to make art. Fairy houses, gnome homes, creating homemade ink, wreaths, and so much more. Nature is one big art gallery all on its own, providing us with beautiful supplies for us to craft.
  • Obstacle Courses: Nature provides a jungle gym all of its own for us to go out and enjoy. Sometimes we have to rearrange the supplies provided just a little bit but I have created some interesting obstacle courses that are fun to run. Not only is it fun but it is really healthy too.


Playgrounds aren’t just for the little ones nor are they limited to designated areas blocked off by a school or local parks and recreation. If you don’t live in or near the woods you could always take a trip out to a National Forest or State Park and have a little fun on Nature’s Playground. We’re never too old to explore and have fun and living life shouldn’t only consist of all work and no play. Nature loves to have company and it can be an amazing time for people of all ages. Go out and explore what Nature has in store: meditate, dance in a ring of mushrooms, swim in the water, and most of all, get out there and enjoy yourselves.