Aries New Moon: March 2017

This new moon occurs on March 27-28, 2017

Take Action!

The sign of Aries, with its symbol of the ram’s horns, shows impulse and force. The archetypes of the Warrior, Pioneer and Adventurer are each a perfect match for this energy.

The Warrior, sword pulled from his sheath, is ready to charge forward in battle. The Pioneer, in order to reach a better destination, is ready to face all unknown perils when travelling through unknown territory. And the Adventurer is willing to dismiss all fears of danger for the excitement and thrill of a new challenge.

 Aries is about putting the desires of Self into action. It is that spark of fire impulse from the realm of unlimited potential that comes through the individual. The mantra shouts “I AM”!     

This new moon is about Aries and its fire energy propelling us into action. We may feel the impulse to just do what we feel, but three other planets (Venus, Mercury and Uranus), also in Aries, should be looked at for guidance before jumping into a new adventure. With Aries’ powerful urge it is always wise to ask “What type of action will create the optimum result”?  

The Divine Feminine

Venus is the planet of love, beauty and the divine feminine. When Venus is direct, she encourages us to use the powerful fire energy of Aries to pursue what we love or think is beautiful. We might meet someone new and impulsively want to jump right into a new relationship. Or we could see a new type of fashion or beauty treatment that we believe would make us more attractive and suddenly feel we must have it.

Venus went retrograde earlier this month discouraging this type of outward action. In retrograde motion, Venus asks us to turn our love inward and heal our hearts. Since Venus rules both Taurus and Libra, her message is to slow down, be inwardly focused and match up with someone long-term who is partnership material.

Venus asks us to answer for ourselves what true beauty is and what makes us authentically beautiful. Over this month, Venus will retrograde through Aries and back into Pisces where she exalts. Venus in Pisces is about refinement, elegance and grace, seeking the most transcendent and ideal expression.

Venus goes direct on April 15 and at that point we will be much clearer about what and how we choose to love when we act.

Process and Communication

Also in Aries, is Mercury, the planet of mental process and communication working side-by-side with Uranus, the planet of innovation, rebellion, and sudden changes. With this powerful duo we can expect some unexpected new ideas along with the urgent push to put them into action.

Mercury is the Soul Ruler of Aries and the “Messenger of the Gods” because he shows us the way/reveals the plan from the world of Infinite Potential and Divine Ideas. All manifestation from the actions we take should come from the mind. Therefore, it would be wise to use the virtue of consideration before leaping into a new undertaking.

Balanced Rapport

Keeping us in check with Aries, and balancing out our self-absorption - is the opposing sign of Libra, governing partnerships and marriage. Libra has a need to bring a balanced rapport within a relationship and to compliment the “other”. When problems arise, it is the Soul Ruler Uranus, that seeks new innovation and new ideas to solve the dilemma.

Wrap Up

Venus says to review our highest ideals before jumping into the arenas of love, relationship, and beauty.

The Soul Ruler planets of Mercury and Uranus show us that the best long-term outcome of our actions will be the road that seeks to know why we want to take action and to consider our partners and the important people in our lives.

Take Action

The New Moon occurs at 7 degrees Aries. Seven represents that which is spiritual, analytical, intuitive and wise. Keep these in mind and take action!