Examine Reality vs. Fantasy Under the Strawberry Moon on June 17

The Full Moon in Sagittarius—when the Sun is in Gemini and the Moon in Sagittarius—arrives on June 17, 2019. This day is also called the "Strawberry Moon” because June’s Full Moon is traditionally associated with the harvest of the strawberry crops.

The 2019 Strawberry Full Moon also falls within 24 hours of a fortunate alignment between lucky Jupiter in Sagittarius and spiritual Neptune in Pisces on June 16, 2019. This Full Moon will challenge you to clearly discriminate between what is wishful thinking and what is realistically possible. Given all of the relationship energy engendered by the Spring’s double Full Moons in Aries and Libra (March 20 and April 19), and May’s Buddha Full Moon in Taurus and Scorpio, you will have the task of deciding what is realistically possible—and what is not—in many of your close relationships.

The energy of the June 16 Jupiter-Neptune square may cause many forms of distortion in your perceptions of other people. It is easier than normal to project your family-of-origin relationship patterns on your present-day relationships. For example, suppose you had a mother who was very attentive and did her best to satisfy your needs. It is highly likely that you will see this highly nurturing pattern in at least one, if not more, of your female companions—or even a male companion with whom you are close. Conversely, if you had a mother who did not meed your needs, or who withheld her love for any reason, you might equally project this onto the people with whom you are close, and imagine they are withholding from you, when they may in fact be innocent of this charge—and you may unnecessarily feel angry toward them. The projections you make onto others (or others make onto you) could easily hurt or disappoint you and others, if these feelings get projected onto close partners, and the feelings are not discussed and released—so you both can live in present-time reality with the people you love. It is important for both parties in a relationship to take ownership of their projected feelings so others aren’t blamed for residual feelings from the past.

Jupiter-Neptune alignments typically cause a combination of “seeing what we want to see” on the one hand, and ignoring what you don’t want to see, other the other hand. So the alignment produces a distortion of reality. But on a more positive note, Jupiter-Neptune combinations also lift the veil between spiritual and physical realities, enabling you to see beyond the veil of matter to the level of your soul—and to the souls of others. This is the most positive manifestation of the heavenly energy.

Mid-June is an excellent time to sit quietly in meditation or contemplation, especially with the upcoming Summer Solstice on June 21. Lift your gaze to the point between your eyebrows (your spiritual eye), and begin to watch your breath. Feel the calm that descends upon you. As you feel your breath coming in and going out, try to discern the difference between what is inside of you—and what is outside of you. Note that we all are connected to “all that is,” so it may or may not be easy for you to discern the difference between yourself and your environment. Then, think about a situation in your life. Let the images flow through you from your perspective. Then lift your gaze and consciousness to a point above your head and watch the same situation from the perspective of a neutral observer. Notice what you feel. Finally, move your consciousness into the role of another person outside of yourself, perhaps another person in the situation. Look at the situation from their perspe ctive, and see the situation through their eyes. 

As you stand back, holding these three perspectives in your mind, think about whether any aspect of the situation feels familiar, as if it could be a pattern repeated from your past. Consider whether the familiar-seeming event is really the same as the past event, or whether your memory may be distorting the present-day event to the extent that you may be projecting thoughts, feelings, impressions, or reactions from the past onto the current event. Then turn the prism of your mind and look at the situation from multiple perspectives. At this point, you have the tools to determine whether present-day reactions are appropriate to the present situation. As you unwind and separate past from present, you may see that the intensity of your reaction may be greater than the current situation merits—and that elements of your past may be projected onto the present moment. It is time to unravel these interwoven reactions.

Breathe deeply and offer a prayer to have your perceptions clarified and your reactions limited to the present moment rather than reactions to distorted projections and perceptions from the past. Notice the pressure releasing from your mind and body. Visualize yourself cutting the strings that bind you to the past so you can live most clearly in the present. The energy of the Waning Moon in the 2 weeks after the June 17 Full Moon, leading up to the New Moon in Cancer (also a Solar Eclipse) on July 2, will be the perfect time to release the past and start with a clean mental-emotional slate.


If you are born under the Sign of:

Gemini — The spotlight is on you under the June 17 Sagittarius Full Moon. Make sure others are perceiving you accurately under the Full Moon. There is a potential for over- or under-valuing you at this time. Even if you’re being over-valued, make sure to enable another person adjust their expectations to a realistic level.

Cancer — Feelings may become exaggerated under the Jupiter-Neptune alignment and Sagittarius Full Moon. You have some small details to tend to. Service to others during this month will benefit you in unimaginable ways. A solar eclipse on July 2 may trigger emotional reactions from the past that are out of proportion to events in the present. Try to stand back from intense emotions.

Leo — The June 17 Sagittarius Full Moon will cause you to question the viability of some of your friendships. Take an inventory of the people in your life and note those with whom you share an equal exchange of love and positive feelings, service and support, shared values and future goals. It is time to re-balance any relationships in which there is an un-equal exchange of energy. 

Virgo — People may perceive you and your capabilities in a greater or lesser way than reality would suggest. Try to make an honest assessment of your abilities in important situations—and communicate these honest evaluations in a calm and gentle manner to other individuals involved. Make sure other people have realistic expectations of you in cases where you have been over-valued--or under-valued. 

Libra — Your mind is receptive to a new spiritual philosophy or path under the Jupiter-Neptune alignment on June 16 and the Full Moon on June 17. Check with others you respect to test the validity of your perceptions. You normally examine all facets of a situation to arrive at a fair and balanced conclusion. Make sure to do your due diligence in situations under your consideration at this time.

Scorpio — Your assessment of your financial situation may not be completely accurate under the Jupiter-Neptune alignment on June 16 and June 17 Full Moon. Check with a trusted confidant who can tell you if your financial plans are realistic.

Sagittarius — Your feelings and reactions may be a bit exaggerated under the Jupiter-Neptune alignment on June 16 and Sagittarius Full Moon on June 17. Wait until the day after the Full Moon in June 17 to make a final decision.

Capricorn — Wisdom you have cultivated in past lives is coming to the surface of your awareness at this time. Slow down, and divert your attention from material matters to your spiritual self under the Jupiter-Neptune alignment on June 16 and Sagittarius Full Moon on June 17.

Aquarius — Your creativity is at a peak under the the Jupiter-Neptune alignment on June 16 and Sagittarius Full Moon on June 17. Just make sure your contributions will lead others in a positive direction under the impressionable energy of these combined celestial transits.

Pisces — You may feel a little confused under the Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces alignment on June 16 and Sagittarius Full Moon on June 17. There is a tendency to dream big under these celestial influences. But make sure your goals are realistic and possible before investing too much time and money in plans that could easily evaporate. 

Aries — Past life gifts and talents developed in previous incarnations are pushing to the surface of your awareness, waiting to be expressed under the Jupiter-Neptune alignment on June 16 and Sagittarius Full Moon on June 17. Make sure you have a receptive audience, and then put your talents to work!

Taurus — You may enter into in a struggle with another person over financial resources under the Jupiter-Neptune alignment on June 16 and Sagittarius Full Moon on June 17. Take a deep breath, step back from the situation, and try to let go of your fixed position to gain greatest clarity. Then, re-enter a previously stalled negotiation in a more pliant mood.