Why You Should Get a CSA Box Subscription

At basmati.com, we’re all about supporting our local community and eating fresh, seasonal, local produce. So, naturally, we’re all about Community Supported Agriculture – and here’s why we think you should be, too:

A CSA box encourages you to try new foods.  When that strange-looking vegetable is staring you down from your countertop, you’ll really want to research “how to prepare” it.  Getting different foods in your box each week is a great way to get out of your comfort zone and add some variety to your diet.

A CSA box helps you to eat healthier.  With so many fresh fruits, veggies, and herbs in your home, it’s a cinch to eat more of them!  You won’t want them to go to waste, so you’ll start getting really creative with the ways you add fresh produce into your meals.  A CSA box also provides unique organic options that might not otherwise be available at your grocery – and there’s lot of reasons organic produce is a great choice.

A CSA box supports local growers and your local community.  Investing in local producers is investing in your community’s food security.  If you want to vote with your wallet, this is a great way to support small farms instead of big corporations.

A CSA box connects you with those who produce your food.  It’s been my experience that local farmers are happy to talk to you and answer your questions (be mindful of their busy schedules, of course).  A lot of farms allow members to visit or host special events inviting members to the farm.  Forging that connection to the people who provide the food you consume is an excellent way to be more in touch with Mother Earth

A CSA box connects you to like-minded community members.  You may see them at the pickup location each week or meet them at a farm-hosted event.  When you join a CSA, you get to know fellow community members with values similar to your own.  (And here at basmati.com, we’re all about connecting members of the sustainable/holistic community!)

A CSA box is better for the environment.  Your food simply isn’t traveling as far to get to you.  Less food on trucks means less fuel burned.  Most of the time, you produce less non-recyclable packaging waste than if you were buying produce at the store.  Furthermore, a lot of CSA farms practice sustainable farming techniques that are better for the environment than conventional methods.

A CSA box encourages you to pay attention to local seasons.  If you subscribe to the box for long, you’ll get to see the seasons change, and eventually begin to expect certain fruits and veggies and certain times of the year.

It’s a great way to get kids excited about fruits and veggies.  Children get excited to find out what’s in the box each week, and they have fun identifying new produce and seeing what it tastes like.  A CSA box is a great way to get kids more involved in the kitchen and eating healthier, too!

It’s a surprise!  As adults, we don’t often get good surprises.  And anticipating what’s ripe for the pickin’ each week is more fun than you’d expect.  Life getting too predictable?  Throw a CSA box into the mix!

It’s not just the member that benefits from a CSA subscription – you’re helping local growers, too.  They receive payment earlier, which allows them to both plan better and also spend more time in the fields later, when it’s most needed. Furthermore, the commitment allows the farm some security.  They can count on the money from subscriptions.  They also get to know the people eating their food and can talk to them about what they would like to see planted and what they enjoy.