Master The Pathway

The human brain is best characterized as a set of pathways, a series of neural passages that determine our behavior. If we might come to best navigate these pathways, advantageously influence the very processes of our brain, we will master the human experience.

In order to master the pathway, skillfully manipulate the movement of our perception, you must train your brain.

This is to say you must instill valuable patterns of perception and form existentially profitable habits if you are to optimize your state of being.

Much of the quality of our lives is distinguished by the tone of the conversation that we have with ourselves internally. It is the nature of our relationship with ourselves that determines the extent to which we move powerfully through the world. If we might come to enhance our internal conversation, improve the frequency of our positive and supportive thoughts, then we empower our perception. And we do this through implementing various meditative and intellectual modalities on a regular basis.

We must practice. This encompasses anything from reading, to strenuous exercise, to sitting quietly without any intention at all. The more modalities of psycho-spiritual expansion we utilize, the better our chances become of mastering the brain and living a fulfilling life.

The brain is like any other part of the body in that the more it is used – used rightly that is – then the better it will operate, and surely for the most part it is not rightly used. The modern mind has unconsciously developed pathways of mediocrity and compliance. It is a dull mind, and this dullness is a result of the fact that we lack the impetus to actuate our innate capacities. This is merely to say that when we don’t train our brains, we invariably become stupid, and there is no doubt that stupidity is quite rampant in our culture (excuse my crudeness).

We dissolve this dullness through the work of enforcing the right neural pathways. If you were to spend ten minutes journaling every day, you would advance the processes of your brain. If you were to take a run in the morning, you would move towards mastering these pathways in another way. It doesn’t take much to augment your state of being, and once you start to enable these higher pathways, you will become “addicted” (healthily) to being a better person and a snowball effect of self-cultivation will be induced.

There is no better feeling than that of mastering the pathway. This is our essential purpose as human beings. We are here to heighten our frequencies, amplify our state of awareness, magnify the quality of our perception, and we do this through strengthening our pathways.

This engagement has profound global consequences, for through upgrading our state of being as individuals, we move towards the upgrading of the collective, of society. To master our own brains, our own consciousness, is to move towards the mitigation of suffering on a collective scale. The ingenuity and novel ideas that arise out of an optimized mind are inexorably put towards the augmentation of culture.

In other words, we cannot change the world unless we change ourselves, and we do this through mastering the pathway. 

Photo Credit: Connor Horenn

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