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Learning to Silence the Mind: Wellness through Meditation


I found this book to be particularly engaging. The writer tends to be offensive at times but overall I love the variety of ideas and the new awareness. The anecdotes he has used will give you a timely dosage of titillation throughout the book.

This book provides information on:

  • Understanding meditation and how it is naturally within
  • Healing the body and soul
  • How to quiet the mind
  • Self-Awareness
  • Active meditations

I would recommend this book for anyone interested in meditation who needs help understanding the practice. Osho has a great perspective and an excellent way of helping the reader dive into meditation concepts. He states, “Except meditation, everything can be done by the mind; everything is done by the mind, except meditation. Because meditation is not an achievement--it is already the case, it is your nature. It has not to be achieved; it has only to be remembered. It is there waiting for you--just a turning in, and it is available. You have been carrying it always and always.”  Meditation is something way beyond the mind; the mind is helpless there. Meditation cannot be taught -- that is the basic premise of this book and a focal point for Osho.

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