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The Art of People: 11 Simple People Skills That Will Get You Everything You Want

By Dave Kerpen

This book is a different way of looking at one-on-one contact with another. Dave Kerpen’s style is fresh and full of good tips on dealing with people, particularly as it pertains to sculpting and maintaining relationships in the workplace. The conclusion section at the end of the book nicely summarizes most of what he has to say that relates to the eleven people skills that will get you everything you want.

Dave Kerpen talks about:

  • How to understand yourself and others in a simplified way
  • How to listen better, and how this will allow you to connect with others on a deeper level
  • How to influence people
  • The conflicts and challenges that may emerge

I did notice that a lot of sections in his book had concepts that will not work for every job type. Since he is speaking from a boss stature, this book will have more of an impact for those at that level. For those of you who are not a boss, then this book will help shape and smooth the edges of the person you already are.

His methods may not lead you to instant success, but they will position you to be the person whom people will want to be around –  the person whom people will want to get to know, like, trust, and the person people want to help succeed overall. His wife Carrie states, “You know, the ultimate paradox is that the secret to getting what you want at work and in life is treating people well, not trying to get everything you want. Meet the right people, listen well, connect and inspire them, and they’ll want to give you everything that you want. They’ll want to do this so badly, you won't even have to ask.” 

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