The Best Tea for your Dosha

Tea is a standby in many of our lives, especially during the cold winter months. But some types can be particularly useful depending on your Ayurvedic dosha. Find out your dosha here if you don’t know it yet, then make your tea selections according to the list below!


The restless, changing nature of Vata needs the influence of calming herbs, so reach for teas that promote relaxation and stability. Add gentle flavors like vanilla to calm your system even more.


Chamomile: calms anxiety

Lavender: combats insomnia

Echinacea: boosts immune system and reduces symptoms of cold or flu

Add: vanilla


Fiery Pitta can be balanced with cooling, soothing teas. Pittas can be prone to skin irritation and burning sensations, so calm the fire even more by adding honey to your tea.


Peppermint: relieves stress

Jasmine: promotes sense of calm

White: antioxidants fight inflammation and disease

Add: honey


Kapha is highly grounded, so it needs influxes of energy and lightness. Use energizing, metabolism-stimulating ingredients to complement your naturally slow, steady nature.


Ginger: improves digestion

Green: boosts blood flow

Oolong: stimulates metabolism and alertness

Add: lemon

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Great article. Kindly share recipes for white tea as well. Thanks

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