Five Reasons to Drink Red Wine

Alcohol often gets a bad rap, but more people are beginning to recognize the benefits of drinking in moderation. Turns out, red wine in particular can do some good for your body in a few different ways.  Here are a few health benefits of indulging in red wine.

5) Prevents Cardiovascular Disease – Recent studies show that people who drink red wine are less likely to suffer from strokes and heart attacks. Red wine can also reduce cholesterol thanks to a little thing called “resveratrol,” an antioxidant that prevents blood vessel damage and blood clots as we age.

4) Promotes Weight Loss – Drinking wine on a moderate basis pushes the body into burning extra calories for as long as 90 minutes after you put down your first glass. Regular, yet low-end, drinkers seem to have slimmer waists and less body fat, so if you’re looking to lose a few pounds before the holiday season, now might be the time to pop a few corks.

3) Strengthens Bones – Women who drink wine seem to have stronger bones, thanks to alcohol’s ability to boost estrogen levels. Once increased, estrogen can actually decrease old bone destruction, while the production of new bone matter is inherently stalled. Keep your skeleton happy by treating yourself to a glass of merlot once in a while.

2) Prevents Cancer – The University of Leicester suggests that drinking red wine can reduce your chances of garnering stomach cancer or bowel tumors later in life. Professor Karen Brown, who led the study, suggests that drinking two glasses of red wine regularly can decrease damage done to DNA, which is what starts the cancer process in the first place. If you’re looking to stay young and healthy through the years, a little drink now and then might be the answer.

1) Helps You Live Longer – Want to increase your life by about 17 percent? Those who drink in moderation lower their chances of death by virtually all causes.