How to Use Aquafaba in Your Recipes

Aquafaba, also referred to as “bean juice”, is the brine that comes from legumes. Although commonly discarded, it has recently been rediscovered as an excellent addition to almost any recipe and can be used as a substitute for eggs. You can generally use about 3 Tablespoons of aquafaba for every 1 egg, however this may vary. Since it can be used in either a liquid form or a cream form (through heavy mixing), the amount of aquafaba varies depending on the desired consistency. 

Due to its many different forms, aquafaba is easy to get and generally quite inexpensive. You can find it in a can of chickpeas, a package of tofu or even a container of peas, as long as they are packed in water. You could even make your own aquafaba by slowly cooking dried legumes in water over a few hours.

Now that you know all about aquafaba, the cooking possibilities are endless! Below are just a few ideas to get you started.

Make Eggless Meringue:

Aquafaba gets thick enough that you can blend it with some sugar or other flavors and it will become stiff, just like egg whites!

Fluff Up Your Baked Goods:

Adding some aquafaba instead of eggs to your baked goods will give it a nice fluffy texture.

Create Creamy Frosting:

Frosting becomes creamier and smoother than ever when you blend butter with some aquafaba and sugar.

Tell us in the comments about your own uses for aquafaba!