Crystal Healing – An Introduction

The earth is a treasure chest full of magical tools for healing and alignment. The very ground we walk on is made up of crystals and metals that are vibratory in nature and affect our very being. By learning the properties and vibratory qualities of different stones and metals we can partner with them to adjust our own personal vibration, align with the pulse of the earth, heal and live more authentically. This article is meant to be a simple introduction to the healing power of crystals and gemstones. I hope you can find resonance in the words and joy in this mutual journey!

Humble Beginnings

When I was a child I was always attracted to rocks and crystals. I used to collect colored stones everywhere I went, and especially in the large gravel turn-around at the end of my road. I filled shoe box after shoe box with sparkly, transparent and different colored stones. My mother used to get mad at me for continually breaking my dresser drawers by keeping my stone boxes in them and one day finally ordered me to bring no more stones into the house and to dump out all the ones that I had. At this, I let my fascination with stones dwindle for a while, for I felt blocked from enjoying their beauty.

It wasn't until many, many years later, over twenty actually, when I found myself in India in a small town called Pushkar, surrounded by glorious colored stones, that my love of stones returned to me. It was almost as if I was hit over the head – and all at once I picked up where I'd left off – fascinated and curious. I was like a child again. I couldn't get enough. Picking one stone for every color of the rainbow and choosing one small accompanying manual, I committed myself to learning all I could about the healing power of stones.

The Moment of Truth

Almost as if to test my diligence, a few days later, I came down with a high fever. My travel companion was terrified. He was just certain that since we were in the middle of nowhere that I had come down with Japanese B Encephalitis or something extreme and untreatable. My fever reached upwards toward 105 degrees Fahrenheit and we were both a bit worried. Scanning my new crystal book, I decided this was as good a time as any to give my new healing tools a try. I looked up fevers and found that the blue square stone I carried – Lapis Lazuli – with flecks of pyrite, was supposed to be good for fevers. I got out this one small stone and, having cleansed all of my stones already by washing them in salt water and setting them under the full moon to charge, it was ready for use.

Clutching my Lapis Lazuli in one hand, I rested back in the rustic cot of my Rajastani guest house and fell asleep. I was awakened not even an hour later by the sound of the stone hitting the hard cement floor. Reaching down to pick it up I noticed it was burning hot and I was, no longer. It had absorbed my fever somehow?! I was stunned and amazed and from that moment on, I have been completely entranced by and fully entrusted to the healing power of crystals and gemstones.

From that day forward I have used crystals and gemstones for numerous things and with great success. Their usefulness is due to the vibrational frequency they contain – in the form of light and color. Just like the color spectrum is measured in density of light, so do stones contain trapped light frequencies, as well as various minerals, which add to their vibratory properties. Since we are made up of vibration, the use of gemstones can assist us in raising our vibration and moving toward a state of health and healing.

Frequency in Hertz

The human energy field is measured in Hertz. The average frequency of a normal, healthy body ranges between 62-78 megahertz. If the body drops below this frequency, the immune system becomes compromised and illness can occur. Here is a basic list of frequencies which are pertinent to this conversation and why and where gemstones can help.

  • Genius brain 80-81 MHz
  • Normal Healthy body 62-78 MHz
  • Colds and Flu 57-60 MHz
  • Disease starts at 58 MHz
  • Candida starts at 55 MHz
  • Become receptive to Epstein Barr at 52 MHz
  • Cancer becomes possible at 42 MHz
  • Death starts at 25 MHz
  • Essential oils start at 52 MHz and go to 320 MHz
  • Music can also affect our vibration – using such scales as the Solfeggio Frequencies
  • The liberation of guilt/fear happens at 396 hz
  • Undoing situations and facilitating change: 417 hz
  • Transformation/Miracles/DNA repair: 528 hz
  • Connecting Relationships: 639 hz
  • Awakening Intuition: 741 hz
  • Returning to Spiritual order:  852 hz

Gemstones each, due to their color and mineral components, vibrate at various frequencies above the “normal human body” range. In this way they help to raise the frequency of the body. Studies have shown that when two different vibrations come into contact with one another that the stronger/higher vibration is more likely to raise the vibration of the lower one. In this way, gemstones, when used on weak areas of the body, help to raise the vibration of that area. They also help to bring entrainment between individuals and raise the consciousness and perspective of one using them.

The Color of the Stone Makes a Difference

Just like the various chakras in the body are associated with different colors as per their affect on consciousness, so do the stones vary in their usefulness to the human body much due to their color. Here are a few examples of how to use colored stones to support well-being:

  • Red stones like Jasper stimulate the 1st chakra, assist with grounding, menstruation and support primal instincts and the healing of primal wounds. Red can also help to move through issues of anger and rage and to connect with the bloodline.
  • Orange stones like Carnelian are beneficial to the 2nd chakra and support sexual health/healing, the reproductive system and the element of water in the body – which is associated with the 2nd chakra. Orange also amplifies joy and satisfaction in one's person.
  • Yellow stones like Citrine and Golden Topaz are supportive to the 3rd Chakra – at the Navel – and also assist with digestion and assimilation. They support manifestation, empowerment and releasing fears and stagnant energy. Yellow stones help move the lymph and mucous in the body and are specifically good for instilling a lightness of spirit and a brighter perspective
  • Green stones like Jade, Malachite and Emerald bless the 4th chakra at the heart center and help one tap into inner healing capacities. Green supports the immune functions and assists one in coming into the heart with love and compassion. Malachite is awesome at bringing harmony to all the organs by singing the song of the organs to the body so it can hear where it is out of balance and harmony and correct it.
  • Blue stones such as Sodalite and Lapis Lazuli assist the throat chakra (5th) in coming into balance and all that comes with it: communication, truth-saying, honesty, thyroid functions, voice and all communication forms: writing, singing, etc., as well as helping support the head and immune functions by sitting in the middle between body and head (as with the fever support mentioned).
  • Violet/Purple stones such as Amethyst, Iolite and Sugilite are great for the third eye center and help bring one into deeper awareness with themselves and their connection to the cosmos. Purple stones are wonderful for meditation and contemplation as well as for balancing brain functions and any imbalance in the eyes/ears/sinuses.
  • White/Clear stones – like Quartz, Danburite and others are awesome record-keepers, transmitters, aura-balancers and assist us in attuning to our soul-purpose. They help the pineal gland come on line and connect more fully with our cosmic consciousness. Clear stones bring clarity in the truth of who we are and what we came to do. They are great at holding intentions, as they are easily “programmed.”
  • Black Stones like Obsidian, Smokey Quartz and Black Tourmaline are great for detoxing and absorbing negative energy. They support release and groundedness. Black stones are great around computers and other electromagnetic radiation as they block and absorb anything harmful.

This was just a quick overview on the power of crystals and gemstones and how they can be used to enhance your life for the better. They can be worn as jewelry, used as a touchstone or kept in a visible place to bless the environment. I keep stones everywhere in my house. They add to the ambiance I like to create and they lend a healing hand to daily struggles and difficulties. With their constant use, however, comes the need to keep them cleaned and purified. I briefly mentioned this above, but I will do so again for clarification.


To Clear Your Stones

The simplest way to clear stones and ready them for use is to put them in a bowl of water with some Sea Salt. Usually I use about a tablespoon per gallon or so. All stones need clearing regularly, save a few – which are self-clearing and never need to be cleaned. These few are Kyanite and Selenite and some add Citrine, Clear Quartz and Carnelian to that list – but I am uncertain I agree.

After rinsing them in salt water, I usually place them under the full moon over night in order to “charge” them up again. So, for this ritual, you would obviously want to time your clearing with the moon cycle. If it is not the full moon, you can still cleanse in water and for most stones you can charge in the sunlight.  (Certain stones don't like the sun-charge – like Malachite, as it can fade.)

Other methods are smudging – like in sage or other incense smoke -- or burying in the earth over night or over several nights in order to “earth” the energies therein and bring them up clear and clean again. I do this if I have encountered some particularly “sticky” or heavy energies and I just want to make sure I get them off and out of my stones. Sometimes I use all the methods together. Often, with a new stone, I just simply smudge and set a new intention, like a prayer over the crystal – so it knows why I have purchased it – even if that is just to say that I am open to what it has to teach me.

Let the Stone Talk to You

Even though you can learn a great deal through studying gemstone manuals and healing books, the best way you can familiarize yourself with crystals and what they are good for is to sit with them, to let their spirit speak to you and teach you. Gemstones are alive, they are conscious, and some even say each one has a Deva or Guardian that works with them. By tuning in, and tapping in and asking the stone to guide you as to its use, you can gain personal revelation as to how to use each stone in a way that supports your personal evolution.

Personally, my journey with gemstones has been a varied one. From text books to gem school, India trips to oracle cards, I finally learned to just sit with my stones, or to pick the one that was speaking to me most – to help me with what I needed. I have grown to love and appreciate crystals and stones and hope you will find your own personal relationship with them – as they truly are magical specimens of our planet and here to support our evolution.