The Gaia Connection

Human civilization relies heavily and increasingly on technology in almost all areas of life. We accept the technological support as the ultimate solution for all the problems of humanity (and the world) - if we go just far enough. Granted,  technology makes things easier for us, even on a private plane. For example, it allows people all over the world to be connected in ways that would otherwise be impossible, and for that I am very grateful. Many things would not be possible for us without technological support. But have we not perhaps lost the big picture out of our sight?

How many resources are needed (and wasted) to produce a single computer? A mobile phone? A television? How much water, air and soil are contaminated or destroyed during the production of these things?

When you question this, you wonder - are we really on the right track?

Yes, maybe we can make it to the point where we can create this technology in a closed circuit, where we ultimately recycle everything again, without side effects.

At this moment, we are still very far away.

Actually, I want something completely different… technology and industry are to a large extent artificial. Most are not designed to withstand natural forces; however, they are designed to work against the natural flow of things.

If we think about it - is that not a bit odd?

Does nature not make incredibly fantastic work, if it adapts, survives, and produces all possible colorful life forms that can withstand all possible (for us humans) catastrophic events? And, despite the chaos, which humans inflict…

So why not learn from nature and the earth, adapt to it and evolve with the natural flow of things, instead of working against it?

Intuitively, we know that nature and the earth are perfectly organized and exist in a healthy harmony. For example, we feel alive and refreshed after a walk in the forest - we compare that with a day in an office cubicle, or after we have passed through a crowded downtown.

Spending time in nature is not only better for us because we stop thinking about our daily problems in a beautiful green forest or while hiking in the mountains, but also because we pick up the tranquil energy of nature. Our energy system constantly absorbs energy in itself (then converts and releases it again); we interact in this way constantly with our environment - mostly on a subconscious and microscopic level.

So we affect all energy, whether physically or energetically, through our body at all times. This is called the Gaia Hypothesis or Principle, which purports that the functioning of all organisms on Earth are in some way intrinsically connected to each other. We are not meant to operate independently from the rest of the Earth and it’s inhabitants.

If we stay in nature, we take in a lot of natural, vibrant, fresh, clean, and pure molecules and energy codes - these molecules and codes affect every part of us. Everything in us begins to swing again in this natural and healthy energy. This can be felt by everyone. Balance, harmony, and peace spread inside of us; we feel brighter and more vivid, and new ideas begin to grow.

To go one step further: to learn from nature, we can observe, feel her inside us, connect with her, and listen quietly to her wisdom… an inner, long-forgotten knowledge rises in us. A knowledge of what we should do, and what we better avoid. A feeling that tells us which situations are healthy, and which are dangerous.

For example: What food is healthy for us, and what is not? What places are beneficial for us? With a bit of practice, we learn to feel our subtle feelings: go on a walk in a forest or a park for a few minutes, and feel inside of you your thoughts and your subtle feelings -  does everything feel more peaceful, more tranquil, and more harmonious? Learn and remember the feeling - and then, you go directly into rush hour in a strip mall - what happens to the feelings, thoughts, and emotions? How do you feel? Can we still speak of the progress of civilization after this experience?

Modern civilization (and the technology that entails) moves us away from our ability to connect with and interpret our individual role in the Gaia Connection. Returning to nature restores this ability to connect with this intuitive side of ourselves, and thus with everything around us. Mother Earth speaks to us constantly, but are we listening?