10 Foods to Detoxify Your Body

If you’re anything like me, you probably go through phases from time to time. When I say “phases,” I mean periods of time where you crave greasy and/or sugary junk food, and cringe at the thought of eating something even remotely healthy. It’s okay; it means we’re human.

While we’re indulging, we feel fabulous. However, afterward? Not so much. What can we do to feel energized again? Eat naturally detoxifying foods, of course! There are plenty of nutritious, delicious foods that will help put you and your diet on a fresh, cleansing start. The best part is eating these foods will keep you satisfied, and result in a safe detox.

  1. Seaweed: Pick up some of those handy little seaweed snacks, or dive into some brown rice sushi that’s packed with fresh veggies. Seaweed can improve digestion by absorbing toxic items for you. Also, it’s full of minerals, including iodine, which can help boost your metabolism!
  2. Beets: These radiant, red roots offer numerous vitamins (C, B3, and B6). Plus, all of the calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, and fiber help to get rid of toxins. Think of them as your liver’s sidekick.
  3. Pineapple: This tropical fruit contains an enzyme, which improves your digestion by helping to clean out your colon. I see this golden delight as an ingredient everywhere—facial masks, pizza, adult beverages, and now a detoxifying foods list. Neat, huh?
  4. Avocados: These creamy, savory fruits are loaded with soluble and insoluble fiber. So, it essentially does for you what pineapple does for you. Aid your colon health by eating them both. Avocados  and pineapples are both extremely tasty. So, I’m sure there won’t be too much complaining.
  5. Artichokes: Eating artichokes will please your liver and kidneys. They can lessen your organs’ workload by acting as a helping hand in the toxin-removal process. Who doesn’t like a freshly cooked artichoke heart, anyway? Mmm.
  6. Apples: These nutritious fruits contain a soluble fiber, pectin, which helps to get rid of all of those food additives that may be in your system. They, too, act similarly to artichokes by helping to make your liver’s job a little easier.
  7. GarlicGarlic contains two substances, selenium and allicin, which can aid in liver purification. It also helps to produce enzymes that can improve the liver’s detoxifying abilities. I see some healthy Italian food on the horizon. Don’t you?
  8. Ginger: This Asian cuisine staple is known to have a bit of a kick, but did you know that it can kick your metabolism into high gear? Ginger can keep you feeling satiated longer, and help your body get rid of waste, too.
  9. Lemon: This citrus fruit contains citric acid. Makes sense, doesn’t it? This acid can dissolve the toxins that are in our bodies. The toxins will become water-soluble, which means they can be excreted from our bodies with ease. A little lemon does the trick!
  10. Cinnamon: This spice boosts your metabolism, too! Aside from that, it contains manganese (great for blood sugar level stability), iron, and calcium. Apples and cinnamon are important detox tools, huh? I’m seeing healthy baked apples in your near future.