Health Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet

Are you looking for your next big adventure? If so, why not start with your dinner plate? Exploring a plant-based diet may not sound all too adventurous, but it certainly can be. Preparing mouthwatering plant-based meals is far from boring; as I’ve grown older, I’ve become more and more creative in the kitchen, solely with the help of plant-based flavors. More importantly, I’ve lived on a plant-based diet my entire life, and have witnessed the numerous health benefits firsthand.

Do yourself a favor; begin planning a meatless meal. Don’t succumb to the common misconception that you won’t get enough protein. Incorporate beans and quinoa into your diet for a healthy, protein-packed twist. Embracing a plant-based diet will help you reach a new level of health and happiness!

  • Weight Loss: If you’re looking to shed those few extra pounds you packed on this past winter (and cannot seem to get rid of), a plant-based diet could be your answer. When I switched from being vegetarian to vegan, I lost a noticeable amount of weight. By eating clean, whole foods, you increase your fiber intake and cut down on empty calories. You’ll be fuller faster, and reaching a slimmer you in no time.
  • Heart Health: Make your heart happy by eating more fruits and vegetables; increasing your intake will make you less likely to develop heart disease. If everyone knew it was this easy to avoid heart attacks and strokes, there could be a lot less of them.
  • Lower Blood Pressure: Hypertension is not to be taken lightly because it puts you at a higher risk for stroke. So, get that blood pressure under control by eating your fruits and veggies! Such foods are potassium and vitamin B6-rich, which lower blood pressure (and the stress and anxiety that comes along with hypertension). Avoiding animal products and processed foods will decrease your salt intake and blood pressure, too.
  • Lower Cholesterol: Just a heads up—plant foods do not contain any cholesterol whatsoever. If your doctor has been harassing you about those poor cholesterol rates, drop the hardboiled egg, and munch on a handful of almonds instead.
  • Easy on the Eyes: Certain pigments found in plant foods, like grapes, squash, and spinach, can help prevent cataracts. Move over, carrot, you’re not the only veggie that’s vision-valuable.
  • Sought-After Skin: Truthfully, I’ve never had any serious skin problems. In fact, when I went vegan, my skin even improved a bit. Animal products may be responsible for a large portion of your saturated fat intake. Replacing these products with luscious, nutritious fruits and veggies will leave your pores free of debris, and you with glowing, healthy skin. 

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