How To Turn Movie Time Into Self-Reflection

Have you ever been going through something in your life and you felt you were the only one? Have you ever thought to yourself that no one else thinks this way, feels this way or does these things?

Well, I have. Most of us have, actually; we just rarely realize we are doing it.

At these moments we can turn on a movie and try to find a kindred spirit in this perceived aloneness. Movies can take you anywhere from anger to hope to inspiration and sometimes mild grief.

Movies have the power to both uplift your spirits, and/or provide you with a deeper sense of understanding or perspective to what you’re going through.

Here are some tips to turn your movie time into therapeutic self- reflection.

Movies may be a form of modern day alchemy, where we can use them as a portal to gain awareness of our subconscious workings and transform them through a new perspective.

Being the silent observer can help you to step back long enough to see the bigger picture in your life.

•    Try to pick something with a character that resonates with you

•    Take note of the character(s) that you have an antipathy to

•    Ask yourself what about the character resonates with you

•    Ask yourself what about the other that disdains you

•    Make note of how much of yourself you see in these characters

•    Ask your higher self what lesson you are meant to learn from them at this point in your life

•    Write down any trait you would like to emulate, change or understand more about

•    Look at the relationships in the film and how they resonate with you

•    Look at the scenarios and try to think of how you would handle a similar situation in your life

•    Ask your inner self why you were supposed to know this

•    Ask how the lessons in the film will help you to grow at this time

•    Take note of things you would emulate or reject in your daily occurrences