A Letter To The Worthy

The key here is self-love. Honoring your own individuality. 

It’s about owning your self. Embracing what makes you you. Loving EVERYTHING about yourself, and all that is unique about you.

Comparing ourselves to others is a road to nowhere; the mind can always find those who are, or have, something better and those who are, or have, something worse. It always depends on how we look at it. But comparing yourself to others is no way to live. The key is to stop playing the comparison game all together, and to see that each being is beautiful and unique in his or her own way; it’s important to look at each person containing inherent value, instead of value given or defined by another person. We are simply all too special and perfect at being our own unique selves for the game of judgment to hold any true meaning.

We often become jealous because we think that we would prefer to be like someone else, or something other than what we already are. In reality, each and every single being carries his or her own "flaws," vulnerabilities, and insecurities. There is no body that is beyond human, and no one that is beyond you. 

Moreover, what you perceive as beautiful out there is merely a reflection of what is beautiful within you. The root of true comparison, jealousy, and feelings of unworthiness come from the belief that whatever beauty is out there is separate from you. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. What is beautiful out there is not something separate from you because the very fact that it resonates with you is a reflection of your own beautiful essence.  Those things that you find beautiful in the world mirror the beauty in you – a call for your heart to know its connections and rejoice at what beauty exists in the world for you to behold. 

Reflect on all the things you are grateful for. Rejoice in the joys that are yours - the pleasures of your life and preferences of the heart that make you, well, you. The things that resonate with you, - that you love and that excite you, that you live to experience, and that make your experience the special, unique one that it is. Reflect on all the ecstasies of being yourself -- all of the beautiful parts of your existence, and give yourself that affirmation and those compliments and that love you deserve simply for being your own perfectly beautiful self. Allow yourself to experience the absolute bliss of being free to be you, as your own unique individual. When you really get into it, the truth is that you wouldn’t ever really want to be anyone else - that is why out of the whole universe, you are yourself. And you are so, so special in your timeless, perfect, one-of-a-kind beauty- that makes you the beauty that you are!! True beauty is not what the mind might think it is. To be beautiful is to be oneself. Radiate in your being!!

Fall in love with what makes you special. You carry gifts of your being that no one else can. You are here on earth to celebrate, savor, and unleash the specialness of your heart, in all of the perfection of what it already is. And you are here to fall in love with yourself: to be fully content in your being.

No one’s beauty can take away from your own. We all have things that can be found admirable, and things that can be experienced as less than. In reality, we each carry with us a timeless piece of the puzzle of beauty that makes humanity that collage of diverse parts of a perfect whole that it is. Embrace and honor your own beauty and part in that puzzle, and rejoice with the other pieces. We are all beautiful together, and no one of us can take away from the unique experience that each of us has come to have in embracing our full selves as timelessly worthy and beautiful just for being who it is that we are.