8 Reasons To Get An Adult Coloring Book

Coloring is no longer just a childhood pastime. Adult coloring books are becoming one of the latest trends, and for good reason. Some of the health benefits of adult coloring include reduced stress and mindfulness. But there is some serious science behind these claims, showing that engaging in coloring actually relaxes the amygdala, or the fear center of the brain. The practice of art therapy dates back to Carl Jung, who would prescribe coloring to some patients. The precision of coloring intricate pieces like mandalas provides the right amount of relaxation to soothe you, while at the same time providing material that is engaging enough to keep you focused on the project, and not on your free-floating stress or anxiety.

  1. Invokes Relaxation: Coloring books are incredibly effective at reducing stress – at several different levels. Feeling stressed after a long day? Try some coloring! But coloring these intricate patterns has also been shown to help in those with anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD, and ADD/ADHD and for many people can be a great tool for self-soothing.  
  2. Encourages Self-Expression: This is especially true for those who aren’t particularly artistically inclined. Adult coloring books give those who might not otherwise express themselves creatively an opportunity to do so by removing the pressure of having to create a particular design (in the way painting or drawing requires you to). Instead, focus on the colors and lines is the emphasis of the project. This removed pressure encourages people to release their inner artist without all the pressure.
  3. Increases Mindfulness: The mix of relaxation and concentration discussed in reason #1 to get an adult coloring book transcends into another benefit: mindfulness. Coloring encourages you to be in the moment and only concentrate on what’s in front of you. By providing an object of focus, the colorer is able to gently detach from negative thought processes, physical symptoms of anxiety, and/or free-floating stress.
  4. Reduces Negative Thought Patterns: Again, this unique combination of detachment and focus calms the mind, making it easier to not only divert focus from negative thought processes and cycles, but to replace these thoughts with positive, self-soothing, and self-affirming thoughts. Here, it can also be helpful to play calming music or a series of affirmations that resonate with you.
  5. Connects Both Sides Of The Brain: This interaction between the right and left brain is what creates the balance between the engaging and relaxing experience of coloring (which diverts your attention away from free-floating stress and reduces the amygdala). Moreover, activating the right side of the brain can perpetuate creativity and give you a much-needed break from the workday, which for most people consists primarily of the left side of the brain.
  6. Improves Motor Skills: Coloring is an amazing tool for improving motor skills and vision. This is one of the reasons why coloring is so great for children’s development. It’s also another reason why coloring books are becoming an increasingly popular tool in occupational therapy.
  7. Helps In Stress Management Associated With Disease & Diagnosis: The many benefits that coloring has on stress, anxiety, depression, etc. make adult coloring a great tool for those experiencing these emotions due to a diagnosis or treatment. Studies have shown a significant reduction in stress when patients engage in adult coloring.
  8. Coloring Has Long Term Effects, Too: While these effects are soothing in the moment, the benefits don’t stop there. These processes actually teach your brain new ways of calmer, more accepting thoughts and emotions, which impacts future stress management.

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