How Addiction Distracts Us

A hammock hanging on a branch by the ocean

We are strong and we can do this, let’s be different.


Why is it so hard to drop the bad habits or addictions we know are bad for us? Why do we hold on to the material things instead of infinite feelings and emotions from loved ones?

I have found it is very hard for certain people to obtain a healthy lifestyle and a healthy way to process emotions because they abuse alcohol, drugs, other habits—including too much time on the couch, on Facebook, and even eating unhealthy food. All of these damaging patterns stunt our brain, body, and soul. We all have a choice, and the choice we make is where we will end up. This is the time to be different and not do what society thinks is "cool." We are being brainwashed everyday with all the displaying advertisements of alcohol, legal drugs, fast food, sugary treats, and even television shows.

Now, the present moment, is what's important. This time is precious—we need to focus on the importance of being bold and different—and thrive while doing so. Addictive habits are delaying us from what we truly can become as individuals, and as a collective whole.

The ways in which people experience addiction are different—some need help from others and some can just make a choice to be done and that is that. My personal struggles with addiction have taught me that I have an extremely hard time quitting habits cold turkey. I have realized that I do much better with reducing the amount of each habit daily/weekly. But with this understanding of my current addiction comes a clearer understanding of how to navigate future addictive substances or activities; now that I know I have an addictive personality, I am more aware of what I put around myself. I used to tell myself I will only have “one drink” but it wouldn’t stop there. Then after saying I will only have one drink multiple days in a row it would start to become a daily habit.

But by being conscious of the emptiness I have sitting inside me, I have also developed ways to overcome my addictive tendencies. For me, it is turning to nature—I find myself always needing to be surrounded by the tall golden tamarack trees, the Earth’s grainy dirt, and the animals that bring joy to my heart.   

My generation is stuck in bars, clubs, and living fast without thinking. We are the next step, and I believe we need to show we are different so we can bring true success to our community. To be the purest soul we can be is to take control of our mind and our daily bad habits. But in order to take control of a habit, we have to initially find the root problem. After finding the root problem, brainstorm ideas that will help reduce the habit. Replace the habit with something positive. Exercising in nature is meditative and it boosts all areas of your body that need up lifting. In order to channel our best selves, we need to drop our negative practices and move forward with courage. I know the urge is strong, but if we notice how enslaved we are by our own destructive choices, we can process through it and retrain our minds that we are in control, and we will not fall for the petty habits we so blindly act upon.


We are strong and we can do this; let’s be different.



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