The Popularity of the Paleo Diet

Is the Paleo diet still just a ‘fad’? The diet has become enormously popular in the last several years. Why? This article will explore the basics of the diet, as well as reasons why it might be here to stay as a staple diet for many. Individuals passionate about leading a healthy life and looking for a positive outlook can reap rich benefits by following the Paleo diet. 

The Paleo diet became a preferred option due to the increased prevalence of obesity, heart diseases and diabetes in the contemporary age. It is a totally unique way of eating because its underlying principle stems from simulating natural features of the diet eaten by our ancestors. Research studies have pointed out that human beings are genetically modified to eat the food consumed by Palaeolithic people. The Paleo nutritional lifestyle has a large following in Europe and America. The Paleo diet is healthy simply because it eliminates additives and artificial preservatives.

The Paleo diet is a nutritional diet plan based on the presumed diet of ancestors who lived in the Palaeolithic age. The diet first gained attention in the 1970s, when nutritionists surmised that a Paleo diet would bring about numerous health benefits to mankind. Many doctors and health professionals all over the globe term the Paleo diet as an efficient solution to attain a healthier life. The major underlying principle of the Paleo diet is to consume food items in their raw state. The most popular list of Paleo foods includes meats, vegetables, nuts and fruits. Many who follow the Paleo diet prefer seafood, as it is easy to access and can be eaten in a raw state as well as cooked.

The vitamin and nutritional benefits provided by a Paleo diet are immense. Meat is a staple component of the Paleo diet as it is the main source of protein. Vegetables eaten as part of the Paleo diet should be eaten as raw or as nearly raw as possible. Nuts are another integral part of the diet plan as they provide an excellent source of fiber and protein. Types of nuts included in the Paleo diet include Brazil nuts, almonds, walnuts and macadamia nuts. Fruits are another staple of the Paleo diet component since they contain vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber. The best-known feature of the Paleo diet is that it is a low carb diet that focuses only on a few select food groups.

Did I forget to mention that the Paleo diet is naturally allergen free and it has a low caloric count? The presence of low carbohydrates and natural fiber decreases the risk of coronary heart disease, diabetes and other weight-related illnesses. It is quite interesting that there are more than 5000 eBooks about the Paleo diet and lifestyle on Amazon. Advocates of a Paleo diet firmly believe that the modern lifestyle and eating habits cause obesity, heart disease, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and depression. An ideal Paleo diet would contain more amounts of proteins, fat, fiber, micronutrients, vitamins and minerals. 

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