Spiritual & Creative Activities Bring Benefits Under Sagittarius New Moon

The Sagittarius New Moon on December 6, 2018, happily coincides with a number of beneficial celestial transits, which will make this a very bright time for you!

All of this happens within little more than a 24-hour period at the New Moon: 

  • The Sagittarius Sun squares Neptune in Pisces at the New Moon—This planetary alignment strengthens your connection with your spirituality and heightens the benefit of meditation, contemplation, affirmations, and prayer. Try some yoga or deep breathing on the New Moon to receive the greatest benefits!
  • The Sagittarius Moon conjoins lucky Jupiter in Sagittarius—The powerful Moon-Jupiter conjunction on the morning of the New Moon gives you a sense of buoyancy and optimism. The power of your thoughts is strong. Your positive thoughts will bring you positive results under this celestial influence!
  • Communicative Mercury turns direct after being retrograde since November 16 on the same day as the New Moon—You can rectify situations that have gone out of balance and straighten tangled communications under Mercury in direct motion. Unclear contracts and communications can also be cleared up.
  • The Sagittarius Moon squares energetic Mars in Pisces—You may be tempted to fight your way out of a difficult situation under the Moon-Mars alignment. But it’s more beneficial to wait a day or two until after the New Moon before speaking up or taking bold action—especially where potential misunderstandings may be involved. Inevitably more information will be revealed to you that will clarify the situation, help you understand your feelings, and show you the way to right action.
  • The Sagittarius Moon squares Neptune—The Moon-Neptune square hours before the New Moon can obfuscate your feelings so they are not as clear as you’d like them to be. Yet, you will feel supremely aligned with your soul when you engage in spiritual or artistic activities, including music, dance, painting, drawing, meditating, doing yoga, or being by (or in) water under this celestial influence. This is an excellent time to rest and relax, and let the images from your dream world float to the surface. Your subconscious mind has much to contribute to your conscious life at this time.
  • The Sagittarius Moon conjoins the Sagittarius Sun—The Moon conjoining the Sun is the New Moon, and signifies the start of another lunar cycle. As the light of the New Moon grows, you will similarly have a chance to grow. Agriculturally, farmers know that their plants will grow most quickly if they were planted on the waxing moon (from the New Moon to the Full Moon). Similarly, you have an opportunity to plant the seeds for new ideas and projects with the Sagittarius New Moon energy.
  • Mars in Pisces conjoins Neptune in Pisces—This celestial line-up, which occurs hours after the New Moon, will enable you to see the big picture. Both Neptune and Pisces are transcendent energies that lift your awareness from your material life to the life of your higher self—to your soul. Use this time from the day before the New Moon to the day after the New Moon to connect with your higher self and your soul. The energy is plentifully available for spiritual progress and transcendence to higher realms of consciousness. Commensurately, earthly affairs may not go so swimmingly during the New Moon period. So, if possible, refrain from pushing the river until the influence of the Sagittarius New Moon is complete two days later on December 8!


Essentially, this Sagittarius New Moon, coinciding with a plethora of watery, spiritual energy transmitted to earth by Mars and Neptune in Pisces, will heighten your spiritual opportunities for progress in the higher realms, but potentially put a damper on your progress if you try to push the river in the material realms. This is a time to sit and observe your own thoughts, your own breath, and the world around you without becoming attached—and without trying to take definitive action.

The watery energy of Mars and Neptune in Pisces, coinciding with the New Moon, will give a misty quality to the few days from December 5 to 7. The line between fantasy and reality could be a bit blurred. You may see what you want to see—or are accustomed to seeing from patterns in your own past—rather than what may actually be transpiring in interpersonal and social situations. It is always better to sit back and let the dust settle if there is any misunderstanding. But under the influence of this Sagittarius New Moon in alignment with Mars and Neptune in Pisces, it’s even more important to wait and be patient—while the mist settles. The mist is your own feelings, personal filters and distortions, and subjective perceptions. All will become clear after Mercury has been moving directly for a few days and after the Moon moves into the more practical and objective sign of Capricorn several days later, on December 8!

Also note that mental Mercury and loving Venus are both in the water sign of Scorpio at the time of the Sagittarius New Moon. Combined with the watery energy of Mars and Neptune in Pisces, we will all be under the spell of the waves of our own emotions—and the emotions of others. Again, take a step back, take a deep breath, and wait until we all are on emotionally drier land during the weekend after Thursday’s New Moon!