Page Turners: Holistic Book Reviews - [Self-Healing: Master Your Life By Chris King]

Self-Healing: Master Your life

By Chris King

Master Your Life contains some great and exciting information on how to heal yourself through powerful energy healing techniques, holistic healing mechanisms and positive affirmations. This book will empower you with the ability and belief that you can heal yourself -- a chance to become the captain of your own ship. You will explore the idea of psychological, social and spiritual stability as a cure for your sickness.  

This self-help book offers

  • Exercises for the conscious mind
  • Metaphysical Healing
  • How to heal the soul
  • How to make modifications to your life
  • Making the right environmental adjustments

This book is great for someone that wants to learn about self-healing techniques, mindfulness, and how to use affirmations. There are many exercises and techniques that Chris King provides in this useful self-help book. Some major assets to the process of self-healing are the qualities that drive one’s motive, faith and belief. With a strong belief in self-heal, a mindset that it works, and a positive attitude, you will be taking the most essential steps towards healing yourself with this book.

“Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease.” - Greek Physician Hippocrates