Page Turners: Holistic Book Reviews - [The Ultimate Guide to Organic Foods By James Branden]

The Ultimate Guide to Organic Foods 

by James Branden

This book is geared towards providing exact and reliable information in regards to eating healthy, getting healthy and losing weight. It explains the process in a very clear and easy way to understand. It also emphasizes that you can be healthy in a smarter way and that organic food is definitely worth pursuing.

Key objectives:

  • Differences between organic and non-organic
  • Organic versus certified organic
  • Healthiest fruits and vegetables
  • The dangerous chemicals used on non-organic foods

This text is a great eye-opener for a beginner who wants to switch from non-organic to organic food or products. After reading this book, I learned what constitutes real organic food and how organic labeling is used – and from now on I will have the proper knowledge about what to buy and what to eat. James Branden shares his findings of the pros and cons of eating organic foods, and the potential impacts of organic food on our health. He also goes into the effects of eating non-organic foods on our health and how it slows us down. Above all the best decision one could make is to eat foods that support the local farmer, encourage humane treatment of animals, and contribute to a better environment and overall health.