5 Foods You Eat That Your Dog Must Not

As children, we were all guilty of slipping the family dog(s) some table scraps when nobody was looking. It’s harmless, right? Wrong. I know they’re your best friends, but you cannot let those big ol’ puppy eyes get to you. Many common foods that may be somewhat healthy for us can actually send your pets to the vet (or worse, unfortunately). You may be tempted to share the wealth of food with your furriest family members, but it’s in the best interests of all parties involved to just toss them their favorite dog treats. To keep the dogs happy and healthy, avoid letting your pets get ahold of these foods.

  1. Avocado: This is a big one for me because avocados are kind of a thing in my house. If Lexy, Lana, or Buster got their paws on any part of this magical fruit, there’d be a mess coming out of both ends (nose goes).  There has been some controversy as to whether the amount and part of the avocado consumed, so it’s best to do your own research as well as shy away from feeding your dogs anything questionable – better safe than sorry.
  2. Chocolate: My beloved, late dog (we were both about 16 when she passed), Heidi, once finished off a bag of chocolate chips I had put on the table. Luckily, she was a big, strong girl, and the situation didn’t end up too badly. However, it acts as a diuretic that’s toxic to the heart, and is potentially fatal. So, what did we learn? Chocolate is a yes for us, but a no-no for dogs.
  3. Grapes & Raisins: These are great for your kids’ lunchboxes, but not so great for your dogs’ kidneys. For reasons unknown, they’re toxic. Nobody wants their dog to suffer from kidney damage or failure; vote no on giving grapes to dogs.
  4. Mushrooms: I just can’t get behind the whole fungus thing, but I know these are a staple for most vegans. Mushrooms may contain toxins that can negatively affect the kidneys and liver, cause shock, and, ultimately, death. Don’t let the pups eat mushrooms on your nature walks or in your home kitchen. Please, watch out, and be careful, fellow vegans.
  5. Onions & Garlic:  These flavorings are pretty prevalent in just about every cuisine, especially in my house. When eaten by dogs, the toxin in onions and garlic leads to stomach and gut irritation, along with red blood cell damage. To ensure your dog’s safety, it’d be your best bet to just stick to plain dog food. Sorry, beggars.

While some vets are torn on whether garlic is harmful, please always make sure to avoid onions, and we think it’s best to err on the side of caution when it comes to garlic, too.