10 Cleaning Hacks for White Vinegar

Why buy chemical cleaners when you have a natural cleaning ingredient already in your kitchen? White vinegar is not just for cooking. From the kitchen to your car bumper, white vinegar is the ticket to tackling some of the dirtiest jobs. If you despise the idea of chemicals being sprayed in your house, try white vinegar for the ultimate natural clean.

What makes white vinegar perfect for cleaning is the acidity. While all vinegar have various levels of acidity, the acetic acid content - the active ingredient - of white vinegar is why it's used for cleaning. A 5% acetic acid has been found to kill bacteria related to food borne illness as well as mold. With white vinegar reaching an acetic acid content of 5% and up, it makes for a great natural cleaner.

1. Clean Oven

Cleaning cooked food off the bottom of the oven can be a challenge. Not only is that gunk caked on there, it is a bit of a pain. Make your life a little easier and grab the white vinegar. Mix it with baking soda and scrub away to a clean oven. 

2. Remove Toilet Rings

Nobody likes a toilet ring. Dump a gallon of white vinegar into the toilet and it will be white once again.

3. Remove Bumper Stickers

Have you ever tried to peel off a bumper sticker and were left with that irritating adhesive that won't come off? If you have this sticky situation on your hands, soak the bumper sticker in white vinegar. The vinegar will help you peel it off with ease.

4. Get Rid of Water Stains in Shoes

Minerals in water can leave a stain ring on your shoes. Get these pesky stains out by mixing 1 tablespoon white vinegar and one cup water. Dab the solution on your shoes and you will be spot free in no time.

5. Clean Kitchen Sink

The sink is one of the dirtiest places in the kitchen. The drain harvests bacteria and builds up odor. Tackle this issue by mixing equal parts baking soda and white vinegar. Pour it down the drain and make your sink clean again.

6. Clean Cutting Boards

Wood cutting boards can be difficult to clean. Food can easily seep its way into cracks. Disinfect your cutting board by wiping it off with white vinegar. It will also remove any leftover smells.

7. Remove the Grime from Blinds

Blind-cleaning is one chore that can easily get put off. If you have been neglecting your blinds, it's time to get the job done by dampening your cloth in diluted white vinegar. It will remove the dust and grime that build up overtime.

8. Freshen Up the Coffee Maker

Do you know how to clean the inside of the coffeemaker? Grab the vinegar. Fill the water reservoir with a solution of equal parts white vinegar and water, brew half way, then let it sit. After roughly 20 minutes, finish brewing then rinse with water.

9. Shower Doors

Cleaning the shower can quite possibly be the toughest household chore. Soap scum buildup can remain after an hour of scrubbing. Wipe the shower doors with white vinegar and let it do all the hard work for you.

10. Remove Wine Stains

Getting a wine stain out of a cotton shirt is not easy. Luckily, if you apply white vinegar within 24 hours, you'll find yourself stain free.