Moldavite: The Other-Worldly Crystal

I continually lose this stone...until the day it pops back into my reality, and not a moment too soon! Just when I need a little transformation boost this crystal portals back in and shows me its stuff. Perhaps it is due to its “other-worldly” origins, which seem to speak to the part of me which knows I am destined for greatness – and you are too. There is no denying the strength of this stone in supporting rapid and thorough transformation, almost by magic. You could call it the “caterpillar to butterfly” crystal.

Moldavite is a dark green crystal found only in in the mountains of Czechoslovakia where a meteorite is said to have landed over 15 million years ago. Its substance is not from this world, and because of this, the effects it has on one who wears it is unlike that of any other crystal or element.

The texture is like lava rock, full of pits and grooves, yet the glean is soft, translucent and stunning. I have never seen another stone quite like it. The vibration this stone carries is unparalleled. Some call it the “Holy Grail” due to its ability to tune you into your life mission and get you there faster than any other stone. 


Moldavite should come with a warning label, so strong is the vibration it rocks into your field. It is recommended that when starting to work with this stone that you do so in smaller increments first. Be with the stone, wear it or hold it, and then set it aside for the day and let your body integrate the upgrades you have received to your frequency body. This is no joke. Though transformation may be the desire, the effects of “too rapid” a change can be a bit startling and alarming if you aren't ready for what will bring you into your greatest alignment.

By working slowly and increasing steadily with this crystal you can recognize each layer that needs to be removed or transmuted, give it the proper attention, and then move on gracefully to the next. If you rush into deep transformation (unless it's your regular suit), it may feel like your life is falling apart.

However, in the current times we now navigate, perhaps such a quick and blatant shift is exactly what the doctor ordered. You will need to use your intuition (which is also sharpened through working with this stone) to determine if Moldavite is the right stone for you. And how much of it to use.

Specific Benefits Attributed to this Stone

  • Chakra attunement/alignment (especially heart chakra)
  • Enhanced/deeper meditation
  • Emotional purification
  • Spiritual refinement
  • Attunement to your gifts
  • Increased Synchronicity
  • Heightened healing ability – especially self-healing
  • Increased circulation/access to more of your brain
  • Pineal attunement
  • Clarification of thoughts and personal mission
  • Deeper realization of your Soul Mission
  • Enhanced connection with others of your frequency
  • Dream-recall
  • Psychic protection
  • Sharpened psychic skills
  • ESP development
  • Communication with guides/other worldly beings enhanced
  • Acclimation to Earth environment
  • Raising your personal vibration
  • Crown Chakra opening
  • Connection to Cosmic Consciousness
  • Facilitates collective healing
  • Helps raise the vibration of the earth

It is not uncommon to feel a sort of “Moldavite Flush” upon first handling or working with this stone, as its frequency is so high and may cause a sudden jolt to the increase of yours. This is why it is recommended to introduce it slowly. It is a good idea to place it under your pillow or bed at night with the intention to attune with it during dream state when your body is more relaxed and open to the frequency without logical-mind interference.

I have recently set my Moldavite into a necklace where I can wear it close to my heart – since it loves to work with the Heart Chakra. When I hit my “max” with it – I start to feel an increase in my heart rate and a rush of heat in my body. It is just as effective to carry it in your pocket as a touch stone or in a place you can see it often, like on your work space or on an altar.

Bathing with Moldavite is also a treat as its essence is imbued into the water. The element of water is a fabulous medium for working with crystals and carrying their frequency in and around the body for healing and alignment. No matter how you work with the Moldavite crystal, you will find its frequency other-worldly and transformative in just a short time. Tune-in and blast off!

Photo Credit: "Moldavite​" by Kevin Walsh is licensed under CC BY 2.0