Healing with Crystals: Working With Kyanite and Labradorite

With striated, blue Kyanite in one hand and magical, colorful Labradorite in the other, I can feel my energy body aligning. I literally can. These two powerful stones have been two of my best friends over the years. I still wear Labradorite daily as one who reminds me of the magical nature of my being. You too can gain incredible insights and peel back layers of the dream by aligning with Kyanite and Labradorite cyrstals.


As one of the few stones that does not need to be cleared, but is instead, self-clearing, Kyanite is a gorgeous addition to your healing tool kit. The most popular Kyanite is blue, which makes it an excellent stone for strengthening the throat chakra and the power of the voice. Speaking one's truth can be challenging sometimes, but with Kyanite on your side you just might find the words you wanted to say gracefully slipping from your lips.

Due to the alignment affect of this stone and the attunement to the throat chakra, Kyanite automatically assists one in channeling higher wisdoms. It is a great assistant for speakers, singers and anyone who'd like to gain more clarity and articulation in their voice. Through literally helping to throw off lower frequencies, Kyanite will, at first, help the user to purge old ways of speaking and wording things -including negative expressions and the like. Instead, one will find lifted into a more positive, elevated tone and word-choice that comes almost automatically when wearing and working with this stone.

Also found in shades of black, green, and orange, Kyanite expands its healing capabilities into the heart and second chakras as well as earthing and grounding, purging and purifying qualities for the entire body field. By taking note of the color of the stone, you can easily choose the best possible place to incorporate its healing vibrations. Green for the heart, Orange for the 2nd chakra, Blue for the throat, Black for protection, deflection, grounding and release.


If you always sensed you had a bit of magic in you, but couldn't figure out just how to surface that mystical side, Labradorite is just what you need! The only stone with what is called labradorescence, the light of colors that flashes across the surface of this stone is certainly magical and can invoke the remembrance of such.  Legend has it that this stone actually dropped from the Aurora Borealis and brought gifts of how to see beyond the ordinary.

Gifts of awakening, clairvoyance, telepathy and deeper wisdom are bestowed upon one who works with this stone, having pure heart and honest intent. For I truly believe stones have a spirit, a consciousness of their own, and they are privy to the energies we hold. This stone will not open up its treasure chest for everyone, but when it does, a field is blown around you of protection and insight that no other stone can ignite. Truly, the stone of the sage and the sorceress, Labradorite helps to bring forgotten knowledge of the earth, body and spirit to one who works with it honestly and diligently.

Physically, this stone can magically help support detox from various toxins including chemicals, tobacco, alcohol and other drugs. It is calming to the nervous system and helps to balance the hormonal and metabolic systems. It basically comes in, energetically, and infuses the body with remembrance so the body can do what it was meant to do, and truthfully, this can show up in a myriad of ways.

However your body has forgotten to function in the most elevated, “magical” ways, ask Labradorite to assist in bringing it back to the beginning, back to the “Original Divine Plan” and spice it up for high level magic in the body today. There is no reason we should be functioning sluggishly or in ways that are not fully conscious. If we are, this stone can help overcome the laziness to un-know what we have been taught, wrought with naught.


Holding Kyanite in one hand and Labradorite in the other is a powerful experience. Together, I swear, they put the chakra system right back into alignment in a matter of moments. With this alignment comes the attunement to the body's field and a greater access to one's field of stories and patterns often referred to as the Akashic records. By using these two stones together you can learn to safely navigate into your psychic field, learn from past life awarenesses, and help dismiss and heal both inherited and recycled behaviors.

For the work I do with emotional clearing and psychic navigation, these two stones are invaluable. I love to sit with them before and after sessions to set up and clear out the space, to release any left over energies and to realign me for either another session or for “re-entry” back into the world.

For deep meditation and inner realm travel, a circle of Kyanite crystals around you while holding a Labradorite in one hand and a Kyanite in the other is incredible. Both are fabulous dream enhancers, especially when used before sleep with specific intentions.

There are endless, amazing qualities to both of these stones, both separately and together. The best advice I have is to get some of these magical stones and start working with them today. For I am certain they will reveal to you something unique to your path and elevate your inner connection beyond what you know today. Go forth and work with Kyanite and Labradorite crystals for healing and evolution. Open to the magical alignment of the crystal kingdom today!

Photo Credit: "Labradorite" by Janelle Woods is licensed under CC BY 2.0