Five Ways to Improve Your Eye Health

Remember your parents warning you about your eyesight? “Don’t sit too close to the television,” or “Eat your carrots, they’ll improve your eyes.” Sure, some of those things are myths, but if you’re tired of bumping around or wearing glasses, it’s time to look at the facts. Here are five ways to improve your eyesight.

5) Get Some Vitamin A – The main reason carrots are touted as being a primary eyesight improver is because they contain vitamin A. Yes, it’s true that if you eat several carrots a day, you’ll get what you need to keep your vision clear, but vitamin A is also found in an array of other foods such as milk, cheese, pumpkins, and sweet potatoes. Vitamin C and E-carrying foods will also do the trick.

4) Take Time To Rest – If you work at a computer all day, your eyes are under duress. It’s important to get up every so often and take a breather. Practice blinking or just sitting with your eyes closed for a few minutes to give them a well-deserved break. Getting eight hours of sleep every night is also certain to keep your eyes healthy and strong.

3) Get the “Right” Light – To improve your sight, make sure you’re getting the right amount of light, and that it’s not too bright... Okay, I’m not much of a poet, but if you want to help your vision, start monitoring the light in your area. Reading in dim lighting will hurt your “sightseeing” abilities, while prolonged exposure to fluorescent lights can do the same. Give yourself the right amount of light each day to keep your eyes focused and in working order.

2) Perform Eye Exercises – You don’t need to lift a barbell with your eyelids, but certain exercises can keep your vision healthy and functional. Start off by rubbing your palms together, then place them over your eyelids when they feel warm enough. Practice rolling your eyes, or focusing on a specific object without shifting your gaze. A gentle massage of the temples at the end can keep your eyes feeling refreshed and new. We’ve even covered yoga for the eyes here (includes bonus instructional video!).

1) Engage in Proper Eye Hygiene  – Washing your eyes out every morning and every night is important for keeping unwanted dirt, dust and debris out that could potentially harm your vision as you get older. Pour some distilled water into a small container. Hold it up to your eye gently and let the water seep its way inside. Blink a few times to ensure the water goes deep. Do this a few times a day, and you’re likely to avoid bifocals in your 60s.