5 Health Benefits to Eating Dark Chocolate

Sweets are often touted as bad – surefire paths into the world of obesity, diabetes, and other problems -- but there’s a way to satisfy your cravings without all those added nasties from sugar. Here are five healthful reasons to give dark chocolate a try.

5) Provides a Dose of Vitamins – Dark chocolate is loaded with vitamins and minerals essential to keeping one’s body strong and functional. One hundred grams of dark chocolate with over 70 percent cacao has over 11 grams of our daily fiber requirements, along with 67 percent of the day’s iron, 58 percent magnesium, and 98 percent manganese.

4) Strengthens the Heart – How ironic chocolate is the treat of Valentine’s Day. Studies show that eating dark chocolate two to three times a week can lower blood pressure, and keep one heart-healthy by decreasing one’s risk of cardiovascular disease. Dark chocolate can also improve blood flow, and prevent blood clots and hardened arteries.

3) Promotes Brain Health – Dark chocolate keeps you in a good mood by causing the brain to release endorphins. Staying happier means living longer and healthier. Furthermore, it also strengthens cognitive function and lowers one’s risk of stroke.

2) Rich in Antioxidants – Dark chocolate is loaded with antioxidants that promote skin health and youthfulness all around.

1) Protects Your Skin – With news of skin cancer and other ailments running amok, people have long been looking for new ways to protect themselves against the sun, and dark chocolate may be just the thing. Studies show that the compounds (called flavonols) located within dark chocolate help protect against sun damage by improving blood flow to the skin and heightening overall density and hydration.