Holistic Spiritual Healing: Balancing Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Intelligence

Holistic Health means to be happy in all areas of life. When we are happy life is easy to deal with. In the state of love, gratitude or joy we feel deeply connected; we regard our life as positive and our outlook on our future is optimistic. When was the last time you truly felt this way? For many of us these states are the exception. Around the clock we are busy coping with physical health, financial insecurity, relationship problems, emotional instability, mental worrying, addictions or spiritual isolation.

Mental Intelligence (intellect) is a cool thing to have, as it can help us to understand things better, but it’s seldom a guarantee for happiness in life. Dealing with the everyday aspects of our overall well-being and outlook on life, it mainly comes down to how well we can respond to setbacks, challenges, and our ability to express ourselves.

While these skills are mainly related to our Emotional Intelligence, alone they may allow us to function well, but not to resolve the deeper causes of unhappiness, such as trauma, abandonment, abuse, addiction, intimacy and attachment issues. Those are typically hidden underneath several layers of ego-personality and require active involvement in holistic healing.

While we can learn to cope with many of our unresolved aspects, through medical treatment, therapy or counseling for example, a deeper healing can often only be accomplished through adding a spiritual component. Spiritual Intelligence is based on our level of consciousness, awareness and inner connection. Spiritual connection is proven to be a key element for inner peace, happiness and healing. Therefore, before numbing, avoiding or considering giving up on the resolution of persistent or severe physical, emotional or mental imbalances it can be worthwhile to add simple connecting practices, such as meditation, to our daily health regiment, therapy or treatment.

Spiritual Intelligence has nothing to do with being religious or following certain spiritual rituals. We can develop our very own healing rituals without having to believe in a God or certain spiritual authority. Spiritual Intelligence is a skill-set that we can develop through engaging in a heart-based connection - with ourselves and the world we live in, for example through engaging with nature, animals, the beauty of this planet and humanity. Granted, sometimes it’s difficult to see beauty or Divinity in our world, but if we are honest with ourselves, this failure to see beauty or Divinity is exactly what caused our inner disconnection in the first place. The more fragmented we are and the deeper the unresolved aspects go, the harder it is to feel connected!

Whether or not we are including Divinity in our view of the world is not important. The only thing that really matters in our healing process is that we can acknowledge an inner higher power that can heal. Most of our lower vibratory problems are caused by a deep inner disconnection and the feeling of separation, therefore basic connecting work is often the fastest way to begin our inner healing process which can sometimes even lead to spontaneous healing of long-term issues.

If we can combine our mental, emotional and spiritual intelligences to develop simultaneously we can tap into our most powerful holistic healing energies! Creating a heart-based and self-intelligent healing space within allows us to transcend any obstacle in life! It enables us see our personal challenges in a larger context, helps us to reframe fears, pain or anger, and promotes health, balance, wholeness, happiness and joy.

Dealing with fear, pain, anger and pride is a big part of holistic healing work but often something we fear and therefore avoid. Healing based on wholeness and balance means accepting all our emotions as part of us -- not just the positive. Negative emotions, or lower vibratory states as we call them, need our attention no matter how ‘spiritual’ we are! The notion that ‘only positive emotions can get us into heaven’ is not only outdated but can also lead to unhealthy coping habits, such as repression and inner fragmentation.

Spiritual fixation without emotional groundwork can also be disconnecting and unbalancing. It can lead to energetic schisms, in severe cases even a block between lower and upper energy centers (Chakras.)

Unresolved emotional, spiritual or mental remnants and fragments of our past can cause energetic charges. Anything that can dominate our energy or overrule our consciousness creates energetic triggers, which can make us susceptible to any form of imbalance, manipulation and even etheric attacks, if we are energetically sensitive enough to notice them.

Therefore, a single sided alignment of our spirituality and upper energy centers, such as our Third-Eye and Crown Chakra and ignoring denser vibrational energies in our lower Chakras can be responsible for serious irritations, emotional down-spirals and addictive behaviors. Through extended times of solely focusing on spiritual connection, visionary abilities, ‘higher’ states of consciousness or enlightenment (from above) many seekers experience another form of imbalance between our spiritual and emotional intelligence.

Metaphysically spoken, extreme forms of separating ourselves in the form of spiritual superiority, cutting off our hearts, seeking isolation or neglecting ‘lower’ physical, emotional or mental aspects defies the very idea of the transcendence and thus prevent true spiritual connection and holistic health. Spiritual enlightenment cannot be accomplished through separation!

From the perspective of holistic well-being and health, the integration of our unresolved ‘lower’ aspects is by far more important and effective in regards to our overall health, than gathering secret esoteric knowledge, practicing OBE’s or learning fancy etheric techniques. Only the development of our mental, emotional and spiritual intelligence in conjunction with an inner heart-connection can heal our deeper wounds and thus transcend our ego.

Enlightenment, bliss, peace, love, joy and harmony in life are the higher vibratory expressions of transcended lower vibratory states. They are the result of holistic health through inner healing and connecting work – and not the cause!

This article originally appeared on www.transcodes.com