#WellnessWednesday- Yoga for Life: Week 9

Welcome to our #WellnessWednesday yoga primer. Yoga is a wonderful way to become attuned to your body and increase circulation and flexibility. Each week I'll offer you a pose with benefits and instruction. 

Week 9: Bakasana/ Crane aka Crow


  • Helps strengthen arms, shoulders, and legs.
  • Stretches the back.
  • Develops stamina and balance.

Foundation and general alignment:

  • Hands placed on ground, shoulder width apart, active and clawing the floor.
  • Shoulder blades are drawn onto the back ribs and down the back.
  • Pelvis is in a posterior tilt with the belly lifted (like cat pose).
  • Inner edges of feet come together while toes fan out.
  • Each knee is high up above the armpit with shins on the high upper arms.
  • Inner thighs are engaged to draw the knees to midline.

Common problems

  • Most at risk: the wrists.
  • Weight improperly balanced over the base, hands cupped with the weight on the outer edge of hand.
  • Legs not high up enough on arms.


  • Block under feet for more height.
  • Crow while lying on back.

Do not engage in if you are pregnant.