#WellnessWednesday - Yoga for Life: Week 4

Welcome to our #WellnessWednesday yoga primer. Yoga is a wonderful way to become attuned to your body and increase circulation and flexibility. Each week I'll offer you a pose with benefits and instruction.


Week 4: Utkatasana/ Chair



Strengthening - All over strengthening.


Foundation and general alignment:

Feet together or apart. (Feet apart makes it easier to balance.)

Legs fully engaged/ knees bent.

Pelvis in neutral, not tipping forward or backward.

Arms extended up along side the ears.


Common problems:

Most at risk: low back and knees.

Ribs poking forward.

Upper back rounded

Head and throat forward.



Block between the shins.

Block between the hands if flexible for more engagement to the midline.

Cactus arms or arms out in front for tight shoulders.


Do not engage in if you have high blood pressure.


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