Karen Chapman

Acupressure, Yoga

Karen is a yoga teacher, massage therapist, acupressurist, and general seeker of inner peace. She began her yoga journey in college, where she completed an undergraduate degree in creative writing & literature at University of California Santa Barbara, and an MA in English post-colonial literature in England, at the University of Sussex, Brighton.  During this period of her life, she found she was more interested in spending her time at the local meditation center and yoga studios rather than with her studies.  Soon after finishing college, she went to massage school and yoga teacher training and she has been in that career since 2005.  In addition to being a certified massage therapist and yoga teacher, she attended more training at the Acupressure Institute in Berkeley, CA, where she developed a love for acupressure, meridian theories, and how this relates to our emotional lives. For her current project over the last year, she developed a new type of movement class that combines yin yoga with acupressure for balancing the emotions. She has watched her own yoga and bodywork practice move slowly away from being purely a physical practice into more emotional and spiritual realms. Karen looks forward to sharing her experiences in yoga and acupressure and learning from you too!