#WellnessWednesday - Yoga For Life: Week 164

Roaring Lion Pose – Simhagarjanasana


The secret to the stoicism of the lion is that he regularly purges emotional tension in the form of roaring. As humans we do not often find ourselves in a position where roaring at someone else because we are stressed out is acceptable. But holding it inside leads to disorder in the body's energy regulation system, and eventually it degrades our wellbeing. The throat chakra needs to be opened and cleared regularly to maintain health and happiness. Roaring Lion pose is the perfect ally for anyone who finds themselves facing daily stress. As we open the throat chakra we release frustration and nervousness. This practice tones our voice to help us speak more effectively and live more authentically.


What To Do

  1. Sit in Lion Pose (simhasana) on the heels with the toes together and knees apart.
  2. Place the hands on the floor between the knees with the fingers pointing towards the body.
  3. Gaze up at your brows.
  4. Close the mouth and breathe deeply in through the nose.
  5. As you exhale reach the tongue out as far as you can towards your chin while making a long “aaaaaa” sound.



  • Releases emotional tension.
  • Uplifts the spirit.
  • Helps tone the throat.
  • Helps clean out the nasal passages.
  • Softens the diaphragm and the chest.